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create your own magnetic duo lash kit australia
natural magnetic eyelash australia guide
Top Rated Flared Magnetic Lashes Guide

Make your daily beauty routine a breeze with Australia and the World's first 6 micro-magnetic eyelashes. With 50% smaller and stronger magnets for a superior hold and ultra-comfortable all-day wear! You've tried the rest, now try the best! 

Choose two of from Youthphoria's top ten best-selling featherlight mink lashes!

Our Duo Magnetic Lash Kit Includes:

2 x Youthphoria Magnetic Eyelash ( Select Your Style)

1 x Youthphoria Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner - Black

  • CARE 
  • Need help selecting a style? View our lash guide here

    Natural styles:

    Ariel: Unassuming at first, our refined and effortlessly chic Ariel lash mimics a natural lash formation. 

    Cinderella: Filled with elegance and class, Cinderella is longer and sophisticated enough to wear all day, and all night. 

    Jasmine: A delicate and understated classic lash look that’s simple and modest. Universally suits all eyes shapes.

    Serena: Serena is short, sweet and creates fullness to define and darken your lash line.

    Lucinda: This lash boasts a modest length and a touch of volume to enhance your eyes. The Lucinda lash will delicately boost any look.

    Glam styles:

    Belle: Add a noticeable flourish of depth and volume with this cat-eyed lash. These featherlight magnetic falsies are amazing for a sultry and elusive flared lash look. 

    Mulan: Wing it, with this wispy cat eye extraordinaire. This unique flared lash creates the perfect understated cat-eye. 

    Rapunzel: The perfect balance of natural and glam. This eye-catching lash fuses the best of length and volume for an elusive look.

    Tiana: Don't underestimate the power of these seductive and sultry, winged out lashes. This is the go-to lash style for those who want to be noticed! 

    Tiger Lily: The embodiment of feminine glamour with enviable length and volume creating a stunning eye-lifting and doll-like effect.  

  • Magnets: 6 Micro-Magnets
    Uses: 30-60 Wears 
    Material: Premium Faux Mink 
    Feel: Featherlight Comfort
    Style: Round 
    Lash Diameter: 0.07mm 

  • • An exclusive world first 6 micro-magnet lash! Our magnets are 50% smaller, smoother and thinner than other brands. They’re discreet and super-secure. Good-bye itchy & irritating lashes!

    • Incredibly realistic, these magnetic lashes mimic the movement and appearance of real lashes for that natural, soft and fluttery look.

    • Our featherlight vegan mink lashes uses lightweight and premium synthetic mink fibres on a thin cotton band for a comfortable all-day wear.

    • Reusable and long lasting, whilst retaining its shape and curl and its feather-light feel.

    • Exquisitely hand-made for quality and durability.

    • Designed in Australia, by a 5x qualified lash artist, cosmetic chemist and pharmacist to Australian safety and quality standards.

    • Vegan and animal-cruelty free.

    Read about our founder & story here 
  • Step 1: Try on the magnetic eyelashes

    Try on the lashes to check its fit, and trim if needed. The magnetic lashes should run across your upper lash line along your eyelid.

    Remember to ensure magnets are at the very end of the inner and outer sides of the lashes. This will help the lashes grip—meaning a more natural, comfortable look for you!

    Step 2: Apply your magnetic eyeliner

    Ensure your eyelids are clean and dry. Shake the bottle and then, apply a thick and even line of the magnetic liner on your natural lash line above your eyelids.

    While the liner is magnetic, you can also use as normal liner—just make sure you line the inner and outer corner of your lash line to ensure maximum grip. Let the liner dry for approximately 10 seconds and until the eyeliner is slightly tacky (about 80% dry).

    Tip: Apply two coats for extra strength. A thin line of magnetic eyeliner can be achieved by scraping the brush-tip against the inside of the eyeliner container. 

    Step 3: Magnetise your lashes onto the magnetic eyeliner

    Using your fingers, place the magnetic lashes on top of the liner you applied in step 2. Begin applying the lash from the inner corner to the outer corner of your lash line. This will allow the magnets to softly snap into place, one by one. Press the lashes into place. 
    And voila! You’re done!

    Precautions: As with any cosmetic product, always perform a patch test prior to full application. In case of eye contact, wash the eye thoroughly with clean water. If you have a pre-existing eye condition consult a medical professional before use.

    Read our FAQs, Tips & Tricks 

    1. When you’re ready to remove your lashes, peel off the magnetic lashes with your fingers. You can remove the magnetic eyeliner with normal makeup remover.


      If there are remnants of the liner on your magnetic lashes, you can clean them by gently rubbing them with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover or removing them carefully with tweezers.


      Don’t forget to store your lashes in its case! This will keep them safe, and help them keep their shape—so you’re ready for perfection, use after use. 


      When properly cared for, your Youthphoria magnetic lashes are reusable up to 60 times.


      Tip: To increase the longevity of your Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes further, don’t apply mascara directly to them. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Youthphoria Lashes.


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    create your own magnetic duo lash kit australia
    natural magnetic eyelash australia guide
    Top Rated Flared Magnetic Lashes Guide

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