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Our quick & easy magnetic eyelashes are so realistic - you won't believe your eyes!


Australia's first 6 magnet lash. Looking fabulash has never been so easy.

Ultra-comfortable, featherlight and secure: everything you’ve been looking for!

Magentic Eyelashes  - Youthphoria Australia

Dr. Lena Marie

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Best Australian Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner
Best Australian Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner


Used by award-winning lash and makeup artists, celebrities and health professionals.

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Designed in Melbourne


When you shop with Youthphoria, you’re not only getting amazing high-quality magnetic eyelashes — you’re also supporting a family owned Australian business: thank you.


Our magnetic eyelashes are designed by our 5x qualified lash artist to be the most realistic and comfortable lashes on the market.

While typical magnetic lashes may only have 3-4 magnets, our lashes have 6 micro-magnets—meaning you’ll have a much better fit. Best of all, the magnets are 50% smaller and thinner than other brands.

Our magnetic liner is also sweat-proof, and water-proof so they'll last from dawn to dusk.

Why, through the incredible power of magnets, of course!

Our lashes contain 6 discreet micro-magnets, with iron oxide as the active ingredient in our magnetic eyeliner.

While it might sound a bit scary, iron oxide is commonly found in lipsticks, eye-shadow, foundation and eyeliner tattoo inks.

Our ingredients are safe and compliant with the TGA and the AICIS.

Created by our pharmacist, cosmetic chemist and naturopath, our products are completely safe and made to Australia's strict quality and safety standards.

Our products contain no parabens, urea and latex.

You bet they are! We’ve specially developed our magnetic eyeliner to out-perform and out-last other strip lash systems.

Our magnetic eyelashes feature 6 strategically placed micro-magnets which help for a secure, long-lasting fit.

Our magnetic liner lasts 24 hours and is also smudge-proof, sweat-proof and water-proof.

Simply peel them off your eyelids, dab the lash bands clean of any residual eyeliner and store them in their case.

You can remove the magnetic eyeliner with an oil-based makeup remover or with our Australian made and natural makeup remover.

Our magnetic eyelashes are cruelty-free and vegan. They're made of faux mink or faux silk, using a high-quality, synthetic and ethically sourced PBT.

Our lashes also won’t lose their curl so you'll have gorgeous lashes without the cruelty to animals.

One of the best things about our magnetic eyelashes is that you do not need natural lashes to secure our products. They can be used during chemotherapy and for alopecia.

Our lashes are gentle and hypoallergenic.

Contact our pharmacist for advice here if you need it.

We recommend using the lash finder quiz or consulting our experts.