The World's Best Magnetic Eyelashes - 6 Micro-Magnets

Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes are the world's first and only 6-micro-magnet lashes. Plus,we have the most realistic and ultra-comfortable magnetic eyelashes on the market. And, that's why we're special!

While typical magnetic eyelash extensions may only have 3-4 magnets, our lashes have a superior 6 micro-magnets—meaning you’ll have a much better fit, catered for your eyes. And best of all, the magnets are 50% smaller, thinner and smoother than other brands on the market. Hello to discreet, secure, and ultra-comfortable lashes! Good-bye itchy and irritated eyes!

Due to our expertly-crafted magnetic liner formula, our magnetic eyelash and eyeliner is also sweat-proof, water-proof and wind-proof—meaning they’ll last all day and all night.

Looking fabulash has never been so easy!

The Best Magnetic Eyelashes in Australia