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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner answered!

Written by our founder with expertise in lash artistry, pharmacy, cosmetic chemistry, naturopathy and skin therapies.


Youthphoria have the world's first and only 6-micro-magnet lashes plus the most realistic and comfortable magnetic eyelashes on the market.

We have Australia's largest range of true-to-life and realistic lashes including brown magnetic lashes, a clear magnetic compatible eyeliner and magnetic eyeliner pens. And, that's why we're special!

While typical magnetic eyelash extensions may only have 3-4 magnets, our lashes have a superior 6 micro-magnets—meaning you’ll have a much better fit, catered for your eyes. And best of all, the magnets are 50% smaller and thinner than other brands. Hello to discreet, secure, and ultra-comfortable lashes. Good-bye itchy and irritated eyes!

Due to our expertly-crafted magnetic liner formula, our magnetic eyelash and eyeliner is also sweat-proof, and water-proof—meaning they’ll last all day and all night.

Been trying to find the perfect at-home false lash extensions over the years with little luck? We feel you.

And we’ve got great news: your days of struggling with messy glue and fighting with lashes that just won’t sit are over! Hallelujah!

While other magnetic eyelashes can be difficult to apply, ours are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Line your upper lash line with our magnetic liner. Wait for the liner to semi-dry. Apply lashes to the liner; the little magnets will pop them into place for a secure, perfect fit.

With 6 micro-magnet technology, our lashes are customisable to your eyes, leading to a perfect fit that stays on, and is easy-to-remove if you make a mistake.

They’re comfortable, simple, and gorgeous—everything you’re looking for.

Our lashes are lovingly crafted by expert lash technician Shirley Be, founder of Youthphoria.

As a 5-times certified lash extension artist, Shirley wanted to create lashes to help busy people have the gorgeous lashes they deserve, all without the time, upkeep and cost of traditional extensions.

Combining a love for lashes with her expertise as a registered pharmacist, cosmetic chemist and skin therapist, Shirley designed a gorgeous set of long-lasting, that are no-mess, and ridiculously easy to use.

And that’s how Youthphoria Beauty Magnetic Lashes were born.

Because everyone deserves the vibrant lashes of their dreams.

No. Since the lashes and liner are not applied to your natural lash line, it will not damage them. It will also not pull, grip, or stick to your natural lashes.

We are passionate about helping people look and feel their best—and one of the best things about our magnetic lashes is that you do not need natural lashes to secure our products.

"The lashes that come with magnetic liner adhere to the eyeliner, which is on the eyelid skin. Therefore, it shouldn’t cause lash loss.” – Dr Rupa Wong (Ophthalmologist)

Our lashes are gentle and hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate your eyes.

If you have a medical eye condition—such as an infection, stye, or chalazion—please do not use our products until your condition is healed.

Yes, you can. Gently pull your lashes from the inner corner of your eye, and wipe off any residual liner on the lashes, allowing them to dry. Touch up your magnetic liner if required, and re-apply your lashes when desired.

You can apply lash serum, provided it does not leave a film or any residue on your lashes. Wait for the serum to fully dry, before applying our magnetic liner and lashes.

Our lashes and liner are sold separately. However, if you purchase a kit, you’ll get both the lash and liner, plus a sweet discount.

We recommend using the lash finder quiz or consulting our experts.

Our friendly team is here to support you. We recommend you check out our FAQs and instruction guides first, but if you need personalised service with a smile, you can contact us at info@youthphoria.com.au

Magnetic Eyelashes

Youthphoria's magnetic lashes are revered for its realistic and true-to-life appearance. Our faux silk range particularly, is the best of the best using a finer and softer lash fibre for lashes that look, move and feel like the real deal! Even our glamorous and dramatic lashes are highly realistic looking, compared to other brands.

Each pair of magnetic lashes is carefully hand-crafted and quality inspected multiple times for lash perfection. We are meticulous when it comes to magnetic lashes and our 5 star reviews reflect this.

You bet they are!

We’ve specially developed our magnetic eyeliner to out-perform and out-last other strip-lash systems. Our lashes feature 6 strategically-placed micro-magnets which help for a secure, long-lasting fit—and best of all, they’re quick and easy to remove if you make a mistake!

Our magnetic liner is also smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and waterproof, and you can use it exactly like you’d use a normal liner. They'll last from dawn to dusk, that's about 16 hours or more of wear-time!

Whether you’re partying it up on the dance floor, glamming it up at events or simply wearing them for an extra touch of gorgeous in your day, we’ve got you!

Our magnetic lashes are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Our eyelashes are made of faux mink or faux silk.

Unlike other products, our faux mink lashes and faux silk lashes also won’t lose their curl—meaning you can have gorgeous, long-lasting lashes, without the cruelty to animals.

Our magnetic eyelashes are also hypo-allergenic, made from only the highest quality of ingredients.

Our reusable lashes can last for 30-60 wears—depending on how well you look after them. Make sure to store your lashes in their protective case after use!

Yes, you can! We’ve worked hard to develop a line of flattering magnetic lashes that can be customised to suit any eye shape or size.

Simply trim the lashes on either side, starting from the outer end (closest to the ear) to fit your eyes—but make sure magnets are present at either side, to allow for a secure fit.

Of course! Simply apply your makeup, with our magnetic liner as the last step to ensure a close fit with the lashes.

You can also use the lashes with most skincare, provided it dries or fully-absorbs, so as to not affect the attachment of the lashes.

While there’s no need to wear mascara with our lashes, you can use mascara to help your natural lashes blend in with the false magnetic lash extensions.

We recommend you use your mascara first on your natural lashes, before applying our magnetic eyelashes. Please do not apply mascara directly on our the magnetic lashes.

While our magnetic eyeliner is water-proof, we do not recommend swimming or showering while wearing the lashes, as heat and chemicals in the water may damage the lashes.

Since our products are made from magnets, it is recommended you do not use them inside an MRI machine. Do not use magnetic eyelashes if you are wearing a pace maker, or any other medical electronic device.

Magnetic Eyeliner

Why, through the incredible power of magnets, of course!

Our lashes contain 6 discreet micro-magnets, with iron oxide as the active ingredient in our magnetic liner.

While it might sound a bit scary, iron oxide is commonly found in many beauty products, like lipstick, eye-shadow and foundation. Created in consultation with medical experts, including a registered pharmacist, cosmetic chemist and naturopath, our products are completely safe.

In fact, our magnetic liquid eyeliner has an average safety classification of 2, as determined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, with a classification of 1 as the safest (which is usually water). However, we always recommend you patch test our products, and review our full list of ingredients prior to use.

Our ingredients are safe, high-quality, and are compliant with multiple regulatory bodies like the Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA) and we are registered with The Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS). Please see below for a chart from the FDA, regarding iron oxides permitted for use in cosmetics.

Our products are also paraben-free, and latex-free.

“It’s not a problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelid skin. Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.” – Dr Rupa Wong (Ophthalmologist)

We are the only brand in Australia with the first and original hybrid magnetic eyeliner pen.

The magnetic eyeliner pens are available in brown and black. They feature a self-inking and precise felt-tip which makes eyeliner application easier and faster than ever before. No mess and no fuss!

We are the only Australian brand that makes black and brown magnetic eyeliner in a liquid liner brush or pen.

We also have an exclusive clear adhesive eyeliner which is compatible with magnetic eyelashes.

Clear Eyeliner

Youthphoria introduced the world’s first clear magnetic compatible eyeliner that works with magnetic lashes.

Our clear liner is compatible and specifically formulated to work with Youthphoria's magnetic lashes. We developed the clear liner for many of our customers who want a super-natural look.

The clear liner isn't magnetic in itself, it uses a special new generation film forming polymer that exhibits visco-elastic properties to secure the magnetic lashes without damaging them. It is entirely different to traditional latex based glues, that we’ve all struggled with in the past!

It works really well and the formula ensures the magnetic eyelashes stay put.

Absolutely! The beauty about the clear liner is that you can pop it on top of any coloured regular eyeliner.

The clear eyeliner is very strong and achieves lash attachment quickly and effectively. It gives the same results as the magnetic brown and black eyeliners using a simple pressing technique. You can read more about the clear magnetic compatible adhesive eyeliner in our blog here.

Removal, Care and Maintenance

Simply peel them off your eyelids, dab the lash bands clean of any residual eyeliner and store them in their case.

You can remove the magnetic eyeliner with an oil-based makeup remover or with our Australian made and natural makeup remover.

You can care for your Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes by regularly cleaning the magnets to ensure no residual liner builds up.

After cleaning your lashes, simply place them in their protective case; this will ensure they stay safe, and keep their shape.

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