Professional Lash Reviews

If you're uncertain about whether Youthphoria provides quality products, why not let the experts decide? Here's some independent reviews of Youthphoria's Magnetic Lashes:

Dr Lena is an emergency department doctor in Western Australia. She demonstrates with the 'Belle' magnetic eyelashes how fuss-free and simple it is to use Youthphoria's magnetic lashes.


Imogen Lamport is one of the world's top image consultants, based in Australia. She wears Serena magnetic lashes in this video and talks about how to care and use our innovative magnetic eyelashes. 


Kristy is a professional makeup artist based in Sydney, Australia she wears 'Crystal' magnetic eyelashes. Check out her full magnetic eyelash review and learn how she applies magnetic eyeliner. Being a makeup artist she was a little skeptical at first about how well they would actually work BUT she was completely converted! 


Hannah from Melbourne, Australia wears Tiana in this video and demonstrates how easy and transforming Youthphoria's magnetic lashes are.

Pearl Kaminski is a makeup artist. The video shows how to use Youthphoria's magnetic lashes in just three quick and easy steps.


Lorna is a professional makeup artist and lash technician based in New Zealand.  She wears Tiana magnetic eyelashes 


Nikita is a lover of all things clean and natural. She's a beauty minimalist and she explains and demonstrates how Youthphoria's magnetic lashes are very similar to what she professionally gets at the lash salons.