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Accent Magnetic Lashes

6 days ago

Accent magnetic lashes are your best pair of lashes to go to if you just want a no-fuss comfortable and light pair of lashes. Popping on a video call meeting? Running on a quick errand but you want to look put together whilst in your sweatpants a shirt? Your accent magnetic lashes are your best partner in achieving your best lash look. Add subtle sexiness and fierceness to your eyes without dramatic lashes whilst enjoying the comfortable feather-like feeling on your eyes! Who wouldn't want that? 

Youthphoria Best Cat-Eye Magnetic Eyelashes Australia

Cat-Eye Magnetic Lashes

July 17 2021

Most women with close-set and up-turned eye shapes will look fabulous with cat eye magnetic eyelashes, as the outer lash extensions give a delicate flick and help create balance by extending the eyes out. 

Women with round eyes will definitely benefit the most from cat eyelashes. The cat eyelashes will bring focus on the outside, giving the eyes a longer and fiercer look. 

Youthphoria Magnetic Eyeliners

Youthphoria’s Hybrid Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners

July 15 2021
Containing safe, compliant and high-quality ingredients, this hybrid magnetic and polymer bonding eyeliner has been approved by our resident cosmetic chemist, pharmacist and naturopath. We only want the best for you and after using this, you will never look back to regular strip lashes! 
Youthphoria | The World’s First Brown Magnetic Eyelashes

The World’s First Brown Magnetic Eyelashes: An Aussie innovation

June 30 2021
A lot of women prefer to wear the brown magnetic lashes to frame and define their eyes, for a brighter eye effect. No more dark and heavy looking eyes with Youthphoria’s realistic, lifelike and natural-looking brown magnetic lashes. With Youthphoria’s exclusive brown magnetic eyelashes, you'll get that life-like look whilst getting the volume and length that lash extensions provide.
Youthphoria Best Magnetic Lashes | Micellar Foaming Makeup Remover Blog


June 25 2021

Our specially formulated micellar foam makeup remover is also fortified with glycerin and aloe vera water to moisturise and soothe the skin. Youthphoria’s Micellar Foam Makeup remover is perfect for Youthphoria’s Hybrid liners and the clear liner too, not only it is perfect for our products, but you can also use it to remove any makeup and clean your skin with it. It’s naturally so gentle on the skin but works well for makeup that’s harder for regular makeup removers. 

Can you wear magnetic eyelashes every day - Youthphoria Magnetic eyeliner Australia

Can you wear magnetic lashes everyday?

June 25 2021

Can you imagine not having to go to your lash artist, drive and book an appointment yet having to change lash styles for each event? Better yet, changing your lash style multiple times in a day! 

Youthphoria Best Magnetic Lashes Australia  - Facing Cancer with Confidence

Witney’s journey: Facing cancer with confidence.

June 8 2021
Witney’s journey: Facing cancer with confidence. 
My advice for anyone in a similar boat, there's nothing wrong with asking for help. Support will help get you through. You may lose your hair but your identity goes beyond that and in this day and age there are so many tricks (magnetic lashes, wigs, headwear, make up) we can do to still look and feel like ourselves! 
Youthphoria - Best realistic magnetic eyelashes

Natural, Short and Realistic Magnetic Eyelashes. Do magnetic eyelashes look natural?

June 3 2021
Youthphoria have expertly crafted the most NATURAL and REALISTIC looking magnetic lashes that have come straight out of your lash dreams! While most lash companies supply an array of the  aforementioned big,long and bold lashes we know that there is more to life than just this! That’s why we have the LARGEST range of supernatural and life-like magnetic lashes in Australia and possibly the globe. We have super short lashes, light looking false lashes, modest magnetic lashes and ones that are so hyper-realistic you wouldn't even be able to tell them apart from real lashes.
youthphoria best magnetic lashes - how do you apply eyeshadow with magnetic lashes

How Do You Apply Eyeshadow With Magnetic Eyelashes?

June 2 2021
When you’re wearing your everyday makeup or your make up for a glamorous event, do you actually wear your magnetic lashes first or do you put that on as the last step? But is it the same with the Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes, though?
Can you sleep with your magnetic lashes on

Can you sleep with your magnetic eyelashes on?

May 28 2021
As tempting as it is to leave your gorgeous Australian designed Youthphoria lashes on 100% of the time we don’t recommend sleeping with your magnetic false lashes as it can damage the magnetic eyelashes and reduce the lashes’ lifespan. You can safely wear Youthphoria’s brand of magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner for 16-24 hours. But once you ‘hit the hay’ don’t forget to remove the false magnetic eyelashes.
Clear and transparent magnetic eyeliner - Youthphhoria

Your Complete Guide To Our Crystal Clear Magnetic Compatible Eyeliner

May 20 2021
The precision felt-tip clear eyeliner pen makes it super-easy to draw an invisible layer of eyeliner on the lash line with no mess and no fuss. It’s a quick-dry formula that makes for easy adjustment! Formulated specifically to be 100% compatible with Youthphoria's magnetic eyelashes.
Are Magnetic eyelashes safe and are they dangerous? | Youthphoria

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe for your eyes?

May 17 2021

A lot of people get intimidated at the thought of magnetic eyeliners. 

Most questions we get are, are magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliners harmful? Why are you using magnets so close to your eyes? Why should I use magnetic eyeliners when there are tons of other options to choose from?

proper magnetic lash care

How to care and clean your magnetic eyelashes the right way?

May 6 2021
A lot of us are confused as to how we can maintain Youthphoria’s Magnetic Lashes. How do we store these lashes properly? How do we keep it fresh? How do we prolong its longevity whilst using it on a daily basis or for long hours?
Magnetic Eyelashes That Support Charity

Magnetic Eyelashes That Support Charity

October 12 2020
Youthphoria supports the charity, Look Good, Feel Better by donating a portion of our sales and product. This is a charity our founder, Shirley Be volunteered for and we truly believe in the power of giving women their confidence back when faced with medical challenges to improve their mental and physical well-being. 
are cheap and generic magnetic lashes safe?

Generic magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner? Are they worth it?

August 12 2020

Have you noticed the same style of magnetic lashes being sold everywhere, but with different brand names? 

Many generic magnetic lashes that are found on eBay and similar marketplaces are simply re-branded and offer the typical 5 bulky magnet lashes.

are eyelash extensions worth it? the pros and cons

Are false eyelash extensions worth it and are they suitable for me?

August 9 2020
Get the low-down on false eyelash extensions including the Pros and Cons. False eyelash extensions are a joy to have and are completely transforming when applied tastefully and professionally. It can be high-maintenance and costly to maintain especially if your lash tech is really skilled at their craft.
Best Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Australia

The Youthphoria Difference

July 13 2020
We put all our love and energy into making Youthphoria the finest and most coveted magnetic eyelash and eyeliner range on the planet – bringing you the most realistic, weather-proof and long-lasting lashes with an exclusive 6 micro-magnets!
Do magnetic eyelashes work - Youthphoria Australia

Lash Vision

July 13 2020
"I created the Youthphoria magnetic lashes and hybrid magnetic liner as an alternative to professionally applied lash extensions - now you can easily apply lashes yourself, that are realistic-looking, quick to use and most of all; will stay put all day long. Guaranteed!"
Youthphoria Australia false magnetic eyelash and beauty experts

The Founder

June 17 2020
As a registered Australian pharmacist with over 16 years of practical and clinical medical experience, Shirley holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the prestigious University of Sydney. She is a 5 times qualified lash artist and also has a diploma of personal care formulations and certificates in skin and laser therapies where she was the founding cosmetic chemist and resident skin therapist for Youthphoria Skin.