The Youthphoria Difference

July 13 2020
We put all our love and energy into making Youthphoria the finest and most coveted magnetic eyel...

Lash Vision

July 13 2020
"I created the Magneto magnetic lashes & liner as an alternative to professionally applied l...

The Founder

June 17 2020
The Founder - Cosmetic Chemist | Pharmacist | Lash Artist | Naturopath | Skin TherapistAs a registered Australian pharmacist with over 16 years of practical and clinical medical experience, Shirley holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the prestigious University of Sydney. She also has a diploma of personal care formulations and certificates in skin and laser therapies where she was the founding cosmetic chemist and resident skin therapist for Youthphoria Skin. Aside from this, Shirley has also formulated for many other Australian skin and beauty brands in her career.