How to use the Crystal Clear Adhesive Eyeliner ( Magnetic Lash Compatible)

Step 1: Preparation

Remove the lashes from its case, making sure to grasp them from the lash band and never by the lash fibres.

Try on the lashes and trim to fit if needed by using Youthphoria's precision scissors. Always trim from the outer end first, then from the inner corner (section closest to the nose) ONLY if required. You'll want the magnetic lashes to sit approximately where your natural lashes begin and finishing where your natural lashes end. Allow about 2-10mm from the inner corner of your eye for a comfortable fit.

Make sure your eyelids are dry and free from oil or moisturiser. You may use powder eyeshadow or regular eyeliner underneath your Youthphoria clear eyeliner—just make sure it’s dry before proceeding!

❗ Like with any beauty product, be sure to patch test with the eyeliner on your hand to make sure no reaction occurs. Do not use with MRIs or medical devices. 

Step 2: Applying your eyeliner

Shake the clear eyeliner and apply 2-3 thick and even coats of the liner close to the natural lash line. Let the liner dry for around 10-15 seconds BETWEEN coats. Make sure the eyeliner is at least the thickness of the lash band and consistent along the entire lash line. You may need to gently stretch the eyelid towards the ear to get a smooth eyeliner application. If required, curl & apply mascara to your natural lashes AFTER using the eyeliner & let it dry.

You can also apply the clear liner to the lash band, focusing on the inner & outer corners, for extra hold. Allow to dry for 10 seconds before attaching to the skin. Before adding your lashes, the liner needs to be semi-dry to 80% and tacky (takes 15-45 seconds after the last coat).

TIP: To prevent liner transfer to the upper eyelids: When applying eyeliner, tilt your chin upwards and look down into a mirror until the last coat of eyeliner semi-dries and the magnetic lashes are applied. You may prefer to keep your eyes closed when waiting for the liner to semi-dry. Hooded eyes will benefit from using paper tape or fingers to lift the upper eyelids up during eyeliner application. Remove the tape or release the skin after the magnetic lashes are securely attached.

Step 3: Applying your lashes onto the eyeliner

Before applying the lashes, wrap the lashes around your finger for up to 10 seconds to help mould the lash band to the contours of your eye. Use Youthphoria's lash applicator for a better grip and for visible placement of the magnetic lashes. Beginning on the inner corner, firmly press the inner portion of the magnetic lashes down on top of the eyeliner following the curve of your eye. Then gently place the remaining lash band onto the liner, working towards the middle of the eye and then the outer end. When the lash is attached, PRESS DOWN FIRMLY along the entire base of the lashes & hold for 5-10 seconds across your eyelid to ensure a flush & secure connection.  

TIP: To minimise the gap between your natural lashes & the magnetic lashes: While attaching your magnetic lashes close to the natural lash line, gently lift the eyelid upwards and towards the brows with your fingers or tape.

Removing your lashes and eyeliner

Gently peel the lashes off with your fingertips, starting from the outer corner. Remove the magnetic liner with Youthphoria's micellar foam makeup remover saturated on a cotton pad for best results. You can also try oil-based makeup removers on a cotton bud, or facial cleanser and water. When using a facial cleanser, use your fingertips to gently and thoroughly massage off the eyeliner with short circular motions for about 30-60 seconds or until removed.

Caring for your lashes and liner

Do not use makeup-remover or micellar water to clean the lashes! Do not soak the lashes.

Lashes: To increase the longevity of the lashes and for hygiene, make sure you clean the lashes AFTER EVERY USE. Remove the eyeliner remnants on the lash band and fibres by gently and thoroughly cleaning with a cotton bud saturated with Isocol (64% Isopropyl Alcohol) and allow to air dry, for best results. Alternatively, you can wash your lashes with a clean makeup brush dipped in a gel-based cleanser diluted with water. Rinse with cold water and air dry on paper towel.

Eyeliner: Clean regularly to remove residue by soaking a cotton pad in makeup remover and gently swiping the pen tip.