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At Youthphoria, our lash and beauty products are made with a difference

You see, we have a secret weapon up our sleeves—our founder Shirley Be.
As a five-times certified lash technician, registered Australian pharmacist, cosmetic chemist, naturopath and a skin therapist with over 16 years of medical experience, Shirley has a passion for creating beauty innovations and hacks, customised for you.

We’re the perfect combination of beauty, science and a passion for helping you feel and look your best 

And while salon treatments are great, we believe everyone deserves to have the  lashes of their dreams—right from the comfort of their own homes.

Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes and Liner

From the founder

“I created Youthphoria with one simple vision: to provide high-quality products that not only transform our features, but our confidence too.”

How Youthphoria began

From humble beginnings, Youthphoria began as a line of high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products in 2012, before opening as a salon providing eyelash extensions and bespoke skin treatments in Melbourne.
And it was in this very salon where Shirley saw how much of an impact even the smallest change could have on someone’s self-esteem—and it was here Shirley realised her goal was to not only transform the beauty industry, but help transform her customer’s lives, too.
As a five-times certified lash technician with a love for helping people, Shirley knew she had to create a lash product that would change the beauty world forever.
magnetic lashes and liner

But Shirley’s passion for beauty was stirred long before Youthphoria took its first steps

As a teen with severe acne, Shirley was intent on discovering the secret to beautiful skin.
Scouring through glossy magazines and endless bookshelves at her local library, Shirley used her knowledge to not only improve her own skin, but provide friends with customised advice on their own skin woes—and that passion for helping people feel confident and fabulous has never faded.
In fact, it’s a corner stone of Youthphoria. And it’s that love for helping people—combined with decades of clinical experience, including a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Sydney, and qualifications in skin and laser therapies, naturopathic nutrition, and cosmetic chemistry—that makes us special.

We’re obsessed with innovation 

At Youthphoria, we’re not content with the status quo—that’s why we’re innovating what we do at every turn: from skin care to eyelash extensions.
Our products are lovingly crafted by Shirley, filled with only the cleanest, purest and highest-quality ingredients: the perfect combination of science and nature for a beauty experience like no other.
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The ultimate beauty geek

We think our founder is pretty special—and she’d have to be to create products as gorgeous as ours.
A lover of all things beauty, Shirley’s clinical knowledge is unparalleled—especially with a host of impressive qualifications including a Bachelor of Pharmacy, a Diploma in Personal Care Formulations and a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition.
So, when you shop with us, you know you’re getting the highest quality products on the market; all while supporting a small Australian business.

And best of all, we’re 100% Australian owned

Our brand is based right here in Melbourne, where our products are specially formulated, designed and beautifully-packaged. 

And they’re ready for you to take home.

So, what are you waiting for?

Experience the Youthphoria difference for yourself.

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