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New! Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner Pen
Kasey gibbons (Melbourne, AU)
Best lashes ever

Currently going thru breast cancer treatment and have lost my lashes and hair my sister invested in these for me and I am so in love. They are so easy to use and make me feel myself again! Would recommend these to anyone especially if you struggle with putting lashes on! ❤️

Ultimate Luxe Gift Kit
Michelle Besgrove (Brisbane, AU)
Magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner pen

Tried this with liner then got more with the pen and found the pen sooo much easier. I also found using the lash applicator tweezers easier and quicker too. Definitely recommend Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes.

Love this kit, is well worth the money


Love these lashes! Very glamorous
Not as keen on the clear bond as the black one. The lashes keep lifting when I wear the clear bond.

Love these magnetic lashes


Love it 🥰


Love it 🥰


Love it 🥰

They do not stay on. Very disappointed


Love these eyelashes!

Love these eyelashes so much! Easy to apply for someone that could never nail the glue trick!!

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
Michele Scrivens (Melbourne, AU)
Lashes During Chemo for Breast Cancer

I was so happy when my google search found Youthphoria. I'm having chemo for Breast Cancer and will be losing my hair and Eyelashes. Shirley the owner of the company is brilliant....genuinely friendly, kind, helpful & knowledgeable, in a very professional way. The Youthphoria website is awesome, lots of valuable information to help your chosse your lashes, very informative.
It's important to me to do what I can to feel as good as I can while having chemo. Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes are quick and easy to use, feel great on and look amazing! I purchased Merida,Elsa & Celestial. My family and friends have commented how great they look.....they are so happy to see me so happy.
I will be telling everyone about Youthphoria Magnetic Eyelashes.

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
Satisfied Customer (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing Lashes

I purchased the Diamond & Crystal lashes to wear on occasions! I found them easy to apply and they looked great 😍

rstonepal (San Diego, US)
Beautiful lashes

I have a lot of Youthphoria lashes, both magneto and invisibles. I have every liner too. I started going blind in 2020 and my daughter helped me put them on. I could not see what she was doing and she damaged my Youthphoria lashes,,ALL of them. Last month she moved out to Kentucky. I am in SoCal, no calling her for help. I kept trying to put on my lashes and it went so very badly each time. None of them would stay on. Once last week it almost worked until I saw half the right lash poking straight out. Out of frustration and eye lash crushing depression I ordered more everything. They arrived very fast and as always, each set it beautiful. I finally tried the new liner with these Trixie lashes and I wanted to cry, THEY WORKED!. I had 0 lifting and they lasted for 8+ hours. They actually "snapped" on. The Trixie pair is shorter than the other lashes.

Thank you Shirley!

Great but haven’t tryed as still have eyelash extensions

Ultimate Luxe Gift Kit
Teneika rutter (Queanbeyan, AU)

I love the eyelashes from here, I did find one of the sets I got this time wasn't as nicely blended at the inner corner though a bit too intense too fast but I was able to trim them down. I would also love a third magnet at the inner corner as they're a bit too long for me so I always have to trim the first magnet off. I was however disappointed to find they've changed the eyeliner to a felt tip instead of the old brush as I find felt tips don't do it for me. Overall though the eyelashes are beautiful and hold really well and the other feedback I have is more person issues I find

Hi Teneika! Thanks for your lovely review! We do have the brush version available. We sell both felt tip and brush liners to suit the preferences of all of our customers. This kit only comes with the felt tip, however we have other kits that combine the brush version too :)

Some other lashes that you might want to try include Pixie and Trixie... they are our accent lashes and are on a shorter lash band. Or, we have invisible magnetic lashes which can be cut anywhere along the lash band as the entire band is magnetic :) This might work super well for you! Thanks again for your support and we'll keep working on improvements.

Nicole (Sydney, AU)
Best lashes so far

I like the Serena and Lucinda lashes the best. They are not too long and not too thick. More natural. I would prefer them in the “invisible” model, meaning the magnet goes all the way along the lash. However I only recently learned of that model.

Divine - Invisible Magnets
Gab (Brisbane, AU)
Love 💕

Will never buy another lash brand again. These are amazing!
I’m a performer and have always hated wearing false lashes. I have deep set, hooded eyes and false lashes always took forever to put on and felt uncomfortable. But these are so so easy, look amazing and I forget I have them on.
Style - “Divine”

Sibel Rachele (Brisbane, AU)
Awsome products

I purchased the rapunzl lashes and clear liner on and they were so beautiful and comfortable will definitely buy more styles.

Good quality stuff. Easy to apply

Mya Crafone (Brisbane, AU)
Absolutely Fab!! 😍

I absolutely love the ‘Diamond’ magnetic lash! Not only to they give me the perfect cat-eye look, they by far the easiest false lash on the market to apply! I wear false lashes constantly, and using the magnetic liner and lashes, not only saves time, but is also more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time! (And no more accidentally glueing my eye shut 😂) I recommend to anyone I can! 👌🏻

J.P. (Sydney, AU)
Love them all

I have tried all the lashes from this brand, started from the natural one like Lucinda or Ariel and work my way up to Cinderella, tiara and I found my favourite is crystal. The most amazing experience I can openly share is that I once slept with them wake up 11am next day and they are still on! Highly recommended!

Janet Anderson (Melbourne, AU)
Magnetic eyelashes

Love my Diamond magnetic eyelashes, looks so natural and I don’t even feel like I’m wearing them. Great quality product! Delivery is lightning fast and I wear mine every day.

Gem Woods (Sydney, AU)
The greatest lashes of all

I have been using these lashes on a tv show I am working on as the Makeup Designer.
These lashes are so natural and durable. They feel weightless when wearing them. So very comfortable for our actors who wear them up to 12 hours a day.
Absolutely Iove Youthphoria.


Good quality item