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Omg ! You won't be disappointed

I purchased these with so much hesitancy thinking they are to good to be true. But OMG!!!! they actually work I'm so in love I'll never pay for my lashes to be done again. They are so easy to apply and actually stay on. I wore them to the snow and everything. Definitely give them a try !

Divine - Invisible Magnets
Jane (Brisbane, AU)
So much easier than original stick on lashes

As the title says these are sooo much easier to apply than original glue on lashes. It still took me a little bit of adjusting but overall I’m super happy. I did need to trim slightly as they were a touch to long but now they fit great ❤️❤️

Stellar - Invisible Magnets
Rose Maizey (Melbourne, AU)
Stella lashes

Love these Stella lashes..I have very little and fair lashes ..these make such a difference

New! Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner Pen
Patrina Jackson-smith (Melbourne, AU)

Couldn’t be happier with the eye liner been looking for something like this for a long time
Perfect brown for me

S.R. (Los Angeles, US)
Flattering Shape for Eyes

The lash style itself is very nice. It’s has the right level of length lashes at the outside corner of the eye to make for a flattering shape. The end look is soft and natural.

Stellar - Invisible Magnets
Jana Hoffmann (Adelaide, AU)
Everything I hoped for!

Many moons ago I bought some magnetic lashes. I liked them as a concept but they didn't live up to my hopes and expectations. I am SO PLEASED I decided to give these 'Stellar' lashes a go. I highly recommend them. So much easier to apply flawlessly with eyeliner and invisible magnets! I've already had so many compliments.

Double Magnetic Eyelashes & Liner Kit
Michele Barr (Cairns, AU)

I had a little trouble at first especially as I have never used anything like this before...BUT...they are amazing. I just don't want to take them off now.

Invisible Magnetic Lashes & Liner Pen Kit
Rosie Dixon (Central Coast, AU)

Comfortable, Sexy, Long Lasting, Infigerating.

Joanna (Sydney, AU)

I am beyond obsessed with these lashes. I have bought at least 6 different pairs so far of all different types. Belle is one of my faves - really makes the eyes pop! They stay on for so long as well ! Been wearing this pair for over 13hours and they haven’t budged. No need to reapply the adhesive liner either ! Rave about this to all of my friends and will continue to do so. Great alternative to spending over $100 every few weeks on infills. You can reuse them so many times too! Thankyou for making the most amazing and reliable product !

Dawn To Dusk Kit
Shann F (Perth, AU)
Dusk to Dawn

LOVED my lash pack of "Dusk to Dawn".

I wore the Belle lashes out in the city on a wet and windy night and they stayed on till the early morning I got home!
Easy to put on and felt light on my lashes. They looked great and I will definitely be getting some more to change up my look for next time.

Mystic - Invisible Magnets
Donna Henry (Brisbane, AU)
Love them

I've been wearing magnetic lashes for a while now and I have to say the new magnetic strip lashes from Youthphoria are my absolute favourite!
I tried the new pen eyeliner as well (in Jet Black), it's nice to hold but personally I prefer the fine brush liner that Youthphoria has (I've been using a liquid eyeliner for years!), however the pen works well and if you are used to using a pencil then you might prefer it to the liquid.
I love that there is options for everyone to find what they like to use best.

Magnetic Eyeliner Makeup Remover
Sarah Fahda (Sydney, AU)

This is no paid review ! They are amazing lashes easy to use with beautiful packaging to keep your lashes safe. I would just suggest buying the foam glue remover.

A five star ⭐️ from ! Believe me when I say they are amazing !


So happy with these, they look and feel amazing. Service is incredible and the girls at Youthphoria are just gorgeous.

L.S. (Cairns, AU)
So amazing!

I love these lashes so much I have bought another pair, Don't want to be without them, ever!

Cancer fighter

Absolutely outstanding customer service!They went out of their way to deliver the positive vibes in my life!

New! Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner Pen
Tia Shang (Brisbane, AU)
Fantastic customer service

I ordered the clear liner thinking it was a magnetic liner, and Shirley from customer service offered her help swiftly and kindly. Now I have both a magnetic liner and the clear liner on the way! I’ll be sure to make a review on the product as well when it arrives. Fantastic customer service, thank you Shirley!

Whitney Vance (Gold Coast, AU)
Love my lashes!

I absolutely love my lashes! They are worth every cent! This is the fourth brand of lashes I have tried, and the only ones I will buy again! I bought the crystal set and absolutely love them! Easy to apply and they actually stay on! I wore these on a recent girls night out, I danced and drank for hours! Arrived home at 4am and still had both lashes still attached 😆🙌

Annette Webb (Brisbane, AU)
Annette Webb

These are amazing lashes and so easy to wear you can't feel your wearing them they are so natural . I just keep buying them. Best lashes thank you ❤️

Never worn fake lashes before but these were easy to work with as an amateur, will definitely be buying them again.

The Best!!!

I have never found a company that has such beautiful lashes. It is also the best company ever to help you when you have a problem. I would recommend them to everyone.

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
Ashley Kerr (Sydney, AU)
Very happy!

I'm a disaster at putting on lashes, so I tried another brand and they were so uncomfortable and didn't stay on. Recently I decided to try one more time and found Youthphoria and I am so happy with them! Customer service was so friendly and helpful as well!

Allison Murphy (Adelaide, AU)
Favourite pair!!

I’ve never been able to do glue because it irritates my eyes and so I’ve been trying different magnetic lashes. I prefer Youthphoria Beauty because it’s local and ships really fast within Australia. I’ve been trying out their different styles and I found my favourite!!! I have Rapunzel and this is my go to!

Jenna Parkins (Brisbane, AU)

These little bad boys are so easy to apply and just look incredible! The customer service I've received from the Youthphoria team is the best I've received in a very long time, they go above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied. Cannot recommend this product or this brand enough!

Gayle Machuca (Brisbane, AU)
Love these!

I've just purchased a second pair for my daughter, they are unbelievably easy to use and look lovely.

Skyelet Maree (Perth, AU)
Fantastic product super convenient !

I was hesitant to try these to begin with especially because if the struggles I always had with false lashes. I won’t lie I killed it the first time! If was that easy. I couldn’t believe it ! I watched both my sister and my bestfriend struggle and take forever to glue their false lashes on. They lasted me the whole night and were a statement piece I couldn’t of pulled the look off without them !! I’ve only just bought another lot as my first 3 pairs have lasted me nearly a year !!!!!! Do yourselves all a favour and get some ! You won’t be disappointed !!