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Love them

I absolutely love these lashes. As I have very few myself and have tried many brands I would have to say that youthphoria is the best brand by far. Very easy to apply and wear. And they stay on so well lasting four hours. I wear the natural ones and have had many compliments.

So natural

Very pleased with these lashes, they look very natural. I have 4 other Youthphoria lashes, but these are my favourite. Will be buying these regularly.


I purchased Lucinda lashes in brown. So happy to have brown option available. I have not worn them yet, special occasion coming up 6th March. will post photos soon.
Very happy with my purchase and prompt service & delivery.

Less is more

Looking for a little 'pep' without feeling completely over-lashed. These will fit the bill 👍.

Easy to use

Best lashes out there. Lots of compliments. People can't believe the magnet liner and the tiny magnets on the lashes. Many compliments
They even stayed stuck on when I had a car accident !!

So easy to use

I am an older lady and I found these lashes very easy to use and I also wear glasses and I was still able to apply them with ease

First time user

I bough both clear and magnetic liners and found the magnetic easier to use. As long as you create a line close to your own lashes the lash seems to grab onto the liner, almost placing itself. I wear glasses so purchased Serena.

Never use glue again

Does exactly what they say... Awesome

Naturally beautiful! 😉

As a first time lash user, I ordered Lucinda Brown and love them! With the brown eyeliner they compliment fair/redheads so nicely, and friends have noticed with comments on how natural and lovely they look. 💕
Shirley is fabulous for advice on how to make them suit your particular eye shape and which lash to try. I'm looking forward to trying more!

Luscious lashes

I ordered the starter lash kit and was surprised to find they somehow arrived the very next day - I’m in Melbourne. The compact is practical for storing lashes after use. I cut the lashes in half and wear the smaller ones during the week and the thicker ones on weekend, I like applying both just at the edges of my lashes. Magnetic lashes are far easier to use than fake lashes with glue and better value for money than extensions. Highly recommend!

Excellent product. Easy to use

Excellent product and easy to use

Pleasantly suprised

I'm not the best at putting fake eye lashes on myself and usually avoid them unless someone else but thought I would give them a try. To my surprise after a couple of tries I was able to apply them. Happy with the product. Will say though make sure you have proper eye make up removal because the eyeliner is crazy adhesive.


Like everyone was doubtful about the staying power of magnetic but these are AWESOME!


I purchased the Belle lashes. I have small-ish almond eyes. I had the trim the outer edges, I looove how you can trim these ones as I have purchased two different well-known magnetic lash brands before and they were useless as you can’t trim them (otherwise it would leave no magnet on the end)
OMG they looked absolutely stunning!! So easy to put on.
Best of all, the customer service was the best I have ever received. Can’t wait to purchase more! Thank you so much!


I absolutely love this!!!

Never go back to eyelash extensions again!

After a few practice runs at application my princess lashes look and feel amazing. I am so happy with the quality, support and fast delivery. Serena is fabulous for a natural look but I love Lucinda and find I wear these most days....they have a little extra oomph and are still really wearable with glasses.


I purchased the tweezers with my first order of lashes. These make it so easy to get the lashes in the right place - first time, every time. I’d recommend these to everyone especially if like me you haven’t had much previous experience.

Fabulous lashes

Product was outstanding and delivered like it was a present to myself. I loved it.

Quick shipping and good product


These lashes are beautiful and the quality is just brilliant. Never worn any fake lashes before so to try for a great price and no be disappointed was fantastic! The packaging is lovely and I received them in such a short amount of time. Superb company to do business with. 🙌

Super Comfortable and Easy to Apply!

These lashes are so easy to put on and are so comfortable to wear. The customer service was excellent too and I got my lashes pretty much the next day when I ordered it. Would highly recommend!


Highly recommend these lashes, very natural and light, stays on all day long!

Serena Lashes

Love supporting our local business!! Great customer services. Beautiful Lashes, didn’t think magnetic lashes can be so easy! Does need a bit of practice.

First time lash user

I'm 51, and have never used falsh lashes before. I sing in a cover band, and was sick of ending up with smudges under my eyes at the end of a gig, even when using supposed waterproof mascara. The Youthphoria lashes are great. Once they're on, I don't even feel them. Without my glasses I'm pretty blind, so I'm still getting the hang of applying the waterproof liner. The photo is from my third time of wearing the lashes. It's getting easier every time. I also bought the Crystal Clear Eyeliner Pen, but haven't used it yet.

The best eyelashes

Tried so many false eyelashes. Youthphoria is the best I’ve tried. With cleansing after each use, it has lasted quite a few uses.