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Mystic - Invisible Magnets
Naomi James (Brisbane, AU)
Mystic invisible magnet lashes

The name says it all. Beautiful light weight magnetic lashes without the bulky, chunky separate magnets. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear all day long

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
Heidi Sequenzia (Melbourne, AU)

Hi there, I bought the magnetic eye lashes for my daughter's wedding late in January as I was worried you may be closed over the holidays or delivery may be late. In other words, I have not used them yet, so cannot make a comment about suitability for me. But I am sure they will be alright. I am an 83 year old widow and may get help applying lashes from one of my other daughters. As mother of the bride, I would like to look my best.

Princess Power Kit
Pip Crooks (Brisbane, AU)
Love my lashes

Thanks so much :) love my lashes xx cant thank enough so easy to use

Astral - Invisible Magnets
Tabbie Baby (Melbourne, AU)
Love love love ❤️

Hands down the best magnetic lash’s I’ve ever used , I can wear them all day in the salon and they don’t come off till I want them to 🙌🏽

Also The remover is a good investment

Y.T. (Brisbane, AU)
Customer Service

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service I received. Wanting to get into the Black Friday sales and had trouble with my account and email, the matter was solved efficiently and was no problem to fixed. So grateful thank you! Order now placed and looking forward to receiving my new lashes.

Christine Ferguson (Bentleigh East, AU)
Magnetic lash Game changer

I've been sucked in before by magnetic lashes, even going by their reviews! But these reviews seemed different so I've given it a chance! Amazing! Took me a few practice goes but I've mastered it! Ariel & Jasmine are my faves for round eyes. Super easy to apply & great quality, this part is important. Easy to clean too. I prefer using black eyeliner first then clear without looking too full on. ALSO joining the Facebook page for support tricks & tips is a must!! Shirley makes regular contact rather than different people contacting I love that! I'm too shy to leave a pic!

Evon Barker (Perth, AU)
Life Changer

How I wished this came 20 years ago! Being over 40, I don’t fuss over makeup like I used to. These magnetic lashes takes my natural makeup to another level. Makes me feel so pretty. I cannot imagine my life without them now. And Youthphoria keeps coming up with better products every time! Keep up the fabulous work! You have me as a forever supporter. 🥰

Ariel - Brown
Heather Zwiers (Sydney, AU)
A wonderful company !

What a wonderful company to deal with, the manager went out of her way to contact me regarding an issue with my order, she solved it all in no time and my beautiful lashes are on there way. How proud this AUSTRALIAN COMPANY can be for their great service and fantastic products, thank you so much guys.🤗❤️

D.H. (Brisbane, AU)

I'm loving my eye. I've used a few different brands and this was the first one to put in instructions on use and care!!! The magnets stay on the lashes (unlike some others I've used!) and I love the liquid liner, such a nice fine tip to use and get exactly where you want it

Carol George (Sydney, AU)

Love these lashes. Easy to apply and look amazing

rstonepal (San Diego, US)

I wanted an easy, not messy, way of putting on lashes. I had a brilliant thought, magnetic! I was pretty sure this is a thing and I found Youthphoria. I bought Arial, Lucinda, Serena and Merida. When I wear them, it confuses people I know and physically see. They tell me how great my eyes look. I see the pictures of the beautiful lashes on those beautiful clients and I can only hope they make me look as nice. This is a before and after picture of Serena.

Dawn To Dusk Kit
D.D. (Adelaide, AU)

Just absolutely love love love these

Stellar - Invisible Magnets
S.C. (Melbourne, AU)
Lovely lashes

Hi i have just received my lashes today so have not had an oportunity to wear them yet but i do l9ve the way they look and am happy with my choice as i will be able to wear sunglasses with them i wanted lashes i could wear all day

Monique Dawson (Sydney, AU)
Forget the rest - these are the best

I'll never purchase another brand of lash ever again. The Ariel last is fantastic as i have very fine and short natural lashes and these are just glam enough. Extensions were damaging my natural lashes, so now I only have to slip these on and i'm feeling (and looking) instantly better. Just about to buy some more styles so I have options. Thanks ladies for a fantastic product - not to mention superb service that is all too hard to come by these days.

Claire Armstrong (Perth, AU)
Exactly as advertised

Terrific product. My only suggestion is to make the instructions for application bigger, brighter and easier to read (for those of us over 40). Have you thought about putting some design enthusiasm into this part of the product? Would be terrific to have a big card, like a postcard with each step on a side.

Pearl Blu (Sydney, AU)
Great lashes!

These lashes are easy to put on! And look amazing!

New Lash Pen is so easy to use!

The new Hybrid Lash Pen is fantastic and seriously makes application a breeze! No more mess on lids, or fingers (I usually managed to get the liquid smeared on my fingers most days), the pen precision is so helpful for thin lines or filling in wings. I love it!
The stickiness plus the magnetic ink makes my lashes feel so secure, even in the inner eye section, which I previously struggled with and would get lifting. I could never get a really thin line there with the liquid brush, but with the pen now I can. Now they stay stuck all day! ❤️❤️ Definitely recommend 10/10 ⭐

Magnetic Lashes & Clear Eyeliner Pen Kit
Rhonda Brykar (Sydney, AU)
New Me!

I am in my 70’s now and have inherited a family medical issue where your eyelids droop, Hate it!
Saw a medical Specialist but they won’t operate until lids are nearly drooped down over the pupil.
Have tried various eyelashes but with my arthritic hands just found them too difficult. My daughter sauced the youthphoria brand with the magnets and brought them for my birthday. WOW! I am
So thrilled with these eyelashes, so easy for me to put on and I look like my old self, you wouldn’t
Believe the difference these lashes have made for me. Highly recommend them to everyone especially
If you have the same problem as me. Just fabulous!

Jasmine (Adelaide, AU)
Love these lashes!

Definitely worth getting these lashes! My puppy died and I cried for hours but my lashes totally survived, one nearly came off but soon as I dried my eyes it stuck straight back down again without any smudging! I dont need them yet but I'm getting more <3

New! Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner Pen
Zoe May-Konning (Melbourne, AU)
Great service

I emailed Shirley for assistance with a purchase. I had trouble and wanted to purchase the black pen for ease of attaching lashes. Shirley was super helpful Great little business and excellent customer service, your kindness was so much appreciated!

Game changer

I absolutely love these lashes, so easy to apply, comfortable to wear and looks amazing. I got Belle and love them but am definitely going to buy an assortment of styles. Thank you for creating such fantastic lashes, they truely are a game changer.

May L. (Perth, AU)
Natural with double eyelids

These lashes are beautiful! I tried these magnetic lashes on for the first time and they were so easy to apply, it only took about 2 minutes for the first try. Thanks Shirley for recommending the Pixie lashes as they really suit my eye shape, and for a natural every day look. I have no other eye make up on, and the eye lashes itself lifted up my monolids instantly, and also created double eyelids in the process. The lashes itself seems to be a 3D shape so I didn't have to curl it, or apply mascara afterwards either. I tried the clear eye liner with these lashes and they are a game changer. You literally cannot mess up. I highly recommend them :)

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
E. (Melbourne, AU)
Love these!!

I really happy with the lashes, so easy to apply and remove!!
Thanks, I have had so many comments saying how great they look!!

MJ McLelland (Brisbane, AU)
Just get them. You won't be disappointed.

Happy is an understatement. I am beyond thrilled with my Ariel lash bundle. After having my face 'obliterated' (as per the hospital discharge report) by a drugged-up neighbour back in March, my self esteem and confidence plummeted. My right eye was damaged and I now have a blown pupil. The surgery also resulted in cuts above and below my eye - which made it look different to my 'good' eye. I have 3 titanium plates holding my skull together. My real lashes changed and it was glaringly obvious. So I thought : why not? Purchasing these lashes changed my life and I am forever grateful. Will be getting more. PS. When we were kids we loved to dress up. That shouldn't change when we become adults. Remember: if it's not fun, it's not done.

Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kit
Victoria Schmidt (Brisbane, AU)
Best and Easiest lashes

I'm so happy with my youthphoria lashes and liner. I'm all thumbs normally and these lashes go on easily and stay on all day!