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I'm totally new not only to magnetic lashes but any kind of lashes and after reading all the positive reviews for these it was a no brainer to go for them. I chose the Jasmine for my first experience and I was highly impressed, not only with the ease and simplicity of application but also by all the flattering compliments I got when wearing them (even from a friend who's an ex professional TV make up/hair artiste! Needless to say I've already ordered another pair and some for my youngest daughter who was equally impressed! Would highly recommend these to anyone thinking about it.....(see selfie but I hadn't done my hair at that point!)

Stunning look & super easy to apply

Well ladies I am definitely in love with my Youthphoria Lucinda Brown Lashes 🤩 this is my first application and I am very impressed. My own lashes are so badly damaged from eyelash extensions and my eyes look pretty again. Thank you Youthphoria 🙏💜🥰

Lovely lashes

These lashes are really beautiful! They look great, are easy to apply & the liner is like glue so the lashes don't fall off. I've just ordered the new Rapunzel lashes & I'm excited to see what they look like. I'd love to buy all the lashes lol!!

One of my top 3

I have never used false lashes before - purchase these as my first choice - now I have 3 favourites to choose from everyday.
They all give me a natural look for wearing to the office without looking like Im dolled up and going out
Love them


I love these lashes - purchases them as soon as I found our they were coming out in Brown - as I am blonde - it suited my eyes perfectly.
Highly recommended for the ladies who want natural looking lashes

Everyday Glamour

These lashes are light enough to wear everyday to work. Easy to put on - Highly recommended

Best thing since sliced bread

I absolutely love my lashes they are so easy to put on (I put them on with the help of a magnifying mirror) i could never manage false lashes but these are unreal thank you so much


So I'm in my late 50s and never worn false eyelashes in my life. After giving up work to care for my mother I missed wearing makeup but didn't want to bother applying mascara to look awake so I thought I would give these lashes a go. I can't believe how easy they were to put on and how amazing my eyes look and now I feel more confident and I can't even feel them they are so lightweight.


Love them....easy to put on and look great.


The best lashes I have ever bought

Feel fabulous

Perfect lashes and delivery was quick.
The crystal clear adhesive eyeliner is fantastic 👏

Gave me the glam I was looking for

Wore my lashes for the first time at my wedding last Saturday. They lasted all day and night and needed no adjustment. Super comfortable and made me feel very glamorous.
(I'm wearing the Cinderella ones)

Love these!

I bought the Lucinda lashes and I love how much they opened up my eyes! It was easy to put on and take off and lasted the whole night.


Beat lashes for me who usually cannot apply false lashes. Now I use them daily and get compliments always!

Belle Lashes

Absolutely beautiful lashes, a little bit fidgety but all good once you get the hang of it.
I love the fact that you can trim them to suit your eye shape.
Fantastic videos on how to apply.
Wonderful product

I was amazed

At first I was a little sceptical but after the first try applying and wearing my lashes I’m hooked.
Absolutely love them. Will be buying more.

Highly Recommend!

Arrived super fast (which is unusual for mail these days!) and are surprisingly easy to use. My pic is from my very first attempt with Ethereal, so far from perfect (excuse the eyebrows and background) but I'm sure I'll get better at it! I need to order another set for more everyday use and will probably add the clear liner to my next order as well.


These lashes are a god send! I have tried so many things to enhance my short, straight and sparse Asian lashes! They are so easy to apply and feel weightless. I am wearing Lucinda in my selfie

Fantastic and realistic

As someone who had eyelashes missing due to an allergic reaction to extensions I was looking for something to make me look less like like newly hatched baby bird and more of the full beautiful look I was originally going for... was not disappointed at all, the lashes weren't over the top and didn't feel too heavy and worked well attached to the lid rather than the remaining sparse lashes.. only downside is the adhesive clear is a bit hard to get off the lid but other than that more than happy! Got the magnetic liner and loved this even more again!

Light and natural looking

Light and natural looking, I used the clear adhesive but keen on getting the brown magnetic eyeliner next!

Awesome customer service and product

Back again to purchase more products (2xpixie lashes and a clear bonding liner) from this company and great customer service as before. Thank you for delivering the gorgeous products promptly. I love what I purchased!! Sorry no photos.... I’m selfie shy😊 maybe next time.....

Lash kit

I got the tiger lily lashes and love them. They were a lot easier to apply than I expected. I just wish I had have known that there was clear eyeliner for when I’m not wearing eyeshadow but otherwise they are great.

Easy peasy

Amazing, absolutely amazing. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Suoer easy to put on even for beginners like me

Totally amazed.

So over wearing mascara And love the look of long lush lashes, I thought why not. Well oh my, they are soft feel real, constant compliments. Ive now got two pairs and plan to get more. Easy to use and actually stay on all day and night. Dont hesitate you wont regret buying them.cinderellas in my pic.


So easy to apply and look fabulous!0