Youthphoria Beauty Melbourne - Eyelash Extensions

Youthphoria Beauty is located in Templestowe, Melbourne. A highly specialised eyelash extension salon that combines advanced and modern cosmetic innovations with the medical, science and beauty background of its founder, Shirley Be.  

Featherlight eyelash extensions - Youthphoria Beauty
Shirley is a 5x certified lash artist and the inventor of the Featherlight and Ethereal professional eyelash extension technique. This is a unique hand-made technique where super light lashes are used to create a comfortable, realistic, natural yet healthy lash extension service.

⭐️To visit us in store, please contact us by emailFacebook or Instagram to make an appointment. Let us know if you'd like personal assistance with selecting your best magnetic eyelash look or if you would like a professional eyelash extension application. Our email is

Youthphoria's professional beauty salon is located at 118 James street Templestowe, Victoria and operates by appointment only. We are top rated with 5 star reviews for results, quality, safety, service and experience! 

If you can't see us in our salon check out our Youthphoria Beauty Magnetic Lashes - an easy and quick at-home alternative with the same signature look and feel as a professional lash extension service. Our magnetic lashes and eyeliner are the best in Australia and the best on the market. Try these top rated magnetic lashes with the best reviews and see for yourself! 

We offer Australia's most comprehensive eyelash extension service:

  • Featherlight lashes - increased retention and light-weight feel.
  • Ethereal lashes - weightless feel and superior retention 
  • Bottom eyelash extensions
  • Classics eyelash extensions
  • Russian volume - hand-made volume lash extensions. 
  • Mega volume eyelash extensions
  • Bordeaux mega volume
  • Eyelid lifting with lash extensions - creating double eyelids
  • Eyelash Lifting (Perming)  

FAQs - Eyelash Extensions

  • Why choose Youthphoria Beauty?
  • Clients choose to use Youthphoria Beauty because they trust us to care about them. We are often consulted to fix poorly applied and painful lash extension applications. This can occur if the lash application is rushed and there is a neglect to care for quality and the integrity of one's natural lashes.
    If you are allergic to eyelash extensions, we have had successful results with our clients and please get in touch so we can clinically assess your individual requirements. 

    We believe in maintaining the health and integrity of natural lash and will protect them from damage. Ongoing unbalanced, heavy and clumped lashes applied by poorly trained techs will lead to lash baldness, damage and a condition called Madarosis. We always isolate lashes and ensure you leave with lashes that aren’t clumped and painful. Cleanliness, hygiene and safe application is always a priority at Youthphoria Beauty. We offer our iconic Featherlight and Ethereal lashes which are 50% and 75% lighter respectively compared with traditional classics eyelash extensions. This means that you can have naturally long, bold and thick lashes without compromising the health of your natural lash. These also are the ultimate in lash comfort, as they are virtually weight-less, soft and never stiff. We always will start with a comprehensive and professional consultation to examine your eye and eyelashes and will design a lash style that suits your preferences.

  • What are your prices?
  • Full set prices start from $150 for express lash sets and go up to $395 for Ethereal Mega-volumes depending on the lash style you're after. We offer a very comprehensive and bespoke lash service and stock lots of exclusive lash styles to be compatible with any natural lash. This ensures the health of the natural lash is maintained to maximise retention and achieve the desired look.

  • What are your refill prices?
  • We charge by time and a standard refill is $75-$145, depending on the style. The average refill price is $95. This standard appointment can be booked for a 2-4 week refill, to be budget friendly. It could even be less, depending on how well you maintain your lashes and what look you want to achieve.

  • How often should refills occur?
  • Refills should occur every 2-3 weeks. 2 weeks standard refills will achieve 90-100% coverage and 3 week refills achieve 80-90% coverage. This also depends on numerous factors which can be explained on an individual basis at the consultation.

  • Are eyelash extensions high maintenance?
  • Eyelashes are great for time poor individuals. They do require maintenance and are so transforming and beautiful when styled well. It can also save a lot of time with makeup removal at night, not having to use eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and curler in the mornings. If eyelash extensions aren't for you, our magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner make for an easy, secure and quick solution to achieve lashes of your dreams!

  • How long do they last?
  • Eyelash extensions generally last as long as your lash cycle. They come off with your natural lashes so this can be 4-8 weeks.

  • Do you refill others salon's work?
  • Yes, we can refill other salon's work (additional fee may apply) and this will occur according to our professional judgement based on the quality of work previously done. If there are lash clumps and it’s a problematic set done elsewhere, it is in your health interest for us to do a full removal and start fresh with a full set.

  • What are Featherlight and Ethereal lashes?
  • This is a Youthphoria Beauty exclusive lash technique which uses a very unique application style. These type of lashes, are perfect for any individual, even if you have damaged, super fine and super short lashes. You never have to take a break from using these lashes. Featherlight lashes are 50% lighter than traditional lashes and Ethereal lashes are 75% lighter than traditional lashes and have a 33% increased retention. They are virtually weightless and you can barely feel them on. They are the longest lasting and lightest lashes, you’ll ever experience!

  • How is Youthphoria Beauty different to other lash salons?
    We work differently to other lash techs and to our own distinct and high standard. Our work can’t be compared to other lash salons, as it's so unique. It wouldn’t be comparing apples for apples. We're all about creating the perfect eyelash masterpiece and high-quality work. Other lash business’ may not lash the maximum amount of natural lashes and hence they don’t last long. Their full sets may only take 1 hour and ours can take up to 3 hours. We never take shortcuts. We start with a thorough consultation to design a style that flatters your features and suits your face. Most importantly, we choose a lash type that is compatible with your lashes and will not damage your natural lashes. Our owner and founder is a registered health professional (practicing pharmacist, skin therapist, cosmetic chemist and naturopathic nutritionist) so we will never compromise your health. Your safety and health is our number one priority.

  • What is your method?
  • We like to professionally assess and help you choose a style that is compatible with your natural lashes and desires. There are lots of different types of lash sets that we offer to suit all lash types.

  • I have short and fine lashes, what can Youthphoria do for me?
  • Fine and short lashes are best suited to Featherlight and the Ethereal lashes as they are much lighter and won’t damage your natural lashes. There is a lot of technical know-how to eyelash extensions, more than meets the eye!

  • How do I have my lash extensions removed, if I no longer want them?
  • You can have your lash extensions professionally removed or you can just let them grow and fall out with the natural lashes

  • I have a special occasion coming up, when is the best time to get the eyelash extensions done?
  • If you’ve never had lash extensions before, we would recommend getting a full set done 3 weeks prior and have them refilled just before the event.

  • I have very damaged lashes and a bad set applied from elsewhere, is there anything you can do for me?
    Please book in for an eyelash rehab session, we can help you do a full eyelash extension removal and apply a healthy, pain-free and beautiful looking full set.

  • I am allergic to eyelash extension glue, do you have any solutions?
    We have had phenomenal success from customers who have had allergic reactions to eyelash extension glue. These customers typically have had years of eyelash extensions with no issues and then have suddenly become allergic to the eyelash extension glue. We use a scientific and conservative approach to prevent these reactions through the highest care and quality of products used. Please book in for a consultation so we can assess your individual needs.

  • Where is your salon located and can I purchase magnetic lashes there?
    Youthphoria is located on 118 James street Templestowe, Melbourne in Victoria. We are near Doncaster and are about 5 minutes drive from Westfield Shopping Centre - Doncaster and 10 minutes drive from the The Pines Shopping centre. We are open by appointment only so make sure to contact us by emailFacebook or Instagram first to make a time to see us for personal assistance.