Accent Magnetic Lashes

Accent Half Magnetic Lashes | Youthphoria Australia

Have you heard of Accent Lashes -- like the actual Accent Lashes? 

Cat Eye, Dramatic, Round, Glamorous, and Natural. These are the most common styles of magnetic eyelash extensions that everyone is familiar with. You can see these styles of lash extensions in any lash stores, salons, online stores, etc. 

But have you heard of an accent magnetic lashes? 

Youthphoria’s accent lashes  are not your usual go to for a lash selection because it is not as well-known as other magnetic lashes out there in the market. However, they are gaining popularity due to its many benefits ( read on!).

Youthphoria’s accent lashes are an ideal length of 26mm and fits smaller eyes perfectly. They are akin to a ¾ lash. We prefer to supply this ¾ length over a half lash as it gives a seamless and graduated look along the eyelids without seeing where the lashes start and finish. This will achieve a realistic look that blends with your eye seamlessly compared to half length accent magnetic lashes. 

So what makes accent lashes different? 

Accent magnetic lashes are very lightweight, it’s as though you are not wearing any lashes at all. Perfect for someone who doesn’t like the feeling of wearing a pair of strip lashes. It’s also perfect for beginners who are not used to wearing something on top of their eyelids. With some styles it also creates a delicate flick at the ends of your eyes. It softly accentuates the outer corners of your eyes.

Can these accent magnetic lashes be worn with any eye shape? 

It’s perfect for everybody who loves a natural yet noticeable look. It’s not over the top or an overly dramatic lash but it’s definitely going to give your eyes a nice lift that will make your eyes shine brighter. 

What eye shape is best for the accent lashes? 

The accent lashes are a great fit for smaller eyes as it wouldn’t require any trimming. Imagine getting the lashes that you love and not having to won’t have to worry about them being too long for your eyelids. No more risking your lashes’ quality by trimming or compromising your comfort by wearing a pair of lashes that are too long for your eyelids. 

Is it like the cat-eye type of magnetic eyelashes?

It is similar to cat-eye magnetic lashes, however, accent lashes are softer than the cat-eye lashes as it does not flare out as long. It creates a feminine feline and a slight elongated look to your eye. 

Accent magnetic lashes are great for any eye shape except for down-turned eyes. 

In General, accent magnetic lashes are your best pair of lashes to go to if you just want to have a single pair all throughout. Popping on a video call meeting? Running on a quick errand but you want to look put together whilst in your sweatpants a shirt? Your accent magnetic lashes are your best partner in getting your fabulous look. 

Add subtle sexiness and fierceness to your eyes without dramatic lashes whilst enjoying the comfortable feather-like feeling on your eyes! Who wouldn't want that? 

Shop our magnetic accent lashes now and feel and see the Youthphoria difference!