Are false eyelash extensions worth it and are they suitable for me?

Are false eyelash extensions worth it and are they suitable for me? Are magnetic lashes a good alternative?

False eyelash extensions are a joy to have and are completely transforming when applied tastefully and professionally.  It can be high-maintenance and costly to maintain especially if your lash tech is really skilled at their craft. However, when it comes to the health and safety of your eyes, it is vital that you do choose a lash artist who is adequately trained and well-practiced. You just can’t afford not to! 

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Eyelash Extension Pros:

Save time: Wake up looking amazing without having to do a single thing
Look good 24/7: False lash extensions can be worn all day and even when you’re sleeping
Convenient for those who are time-poor especially in the morning.
No eye-makeup: Don’t need to wear make-up and you would look “done”.
No coordination or skills required: Great for those who aren’t good with makeup or or have poor eyesight and find it difficult to apply false lashes on their own.
Permanent Lash Fixation: Lashes are permanently fixed to your natural lashes and will only come off with natural shedding.
Unique Style: A unique style can be crafted to exactly your preferences and taste 

    Eyelash Extension Cons:

    Maintenance: They require 1 hour of professional application time or more for refills every two to four weeks. This is to maintain fullness and to remove the twisted and unbalanced lashes which occurs naturally as the lash extensions grow out. Applying lash extensions tastefully is an art-form.
    Variable Quality: Dependant on the skillset of the lash technician performing the application. It is important to communicate your preferences to your lash tech and it is equally important that the lash tech has a comprehensive consultation with you to determine lash suitability and what they can feasibly create for you. There are well trained and skilled lash techs and therefore it is extremely important to find a lash tech who is well practiced so you get the best results. 
    Allergies: Cyanoacrylate based glues are very active glues that are temperature and humidity sensitive. In addition, they require stabilisers to increase the shelf-life of the glue. It is these stabilisers which may cause allergic reactions in a small amount of people. It is a common mis-conception that the cyanoacrylate is the culprit. Cyanoacrylate is a very large polymer and because of its size, it is less likely to stimulate a immunologic response. 
    Harsh Fumes:  Glue fumes can be irritating for some people with very sensitive eyes. However, this can be minimised by curing the glue regularly during the application process and towards the end of the session. Many lash technicians do not cure the glue at the end of the lash process due to a lack of training and knowledge, which can lead to that burning  sensation when you open your eyes when the application session has ended. A well-trained lash technician will be equipped to manipulate the glue to avoid this fume burn. Myth-buster: You can wet your lashes immediately after your lash extensions. More on this next time!
    Irritation: Dependant on the application process by the lash technician, if lashes are not isolated well or if they are applied too close to the lash line, they can be uncomfortable sometimes painful and irritating.
    The style, length and volume of your lash extensions depends on the quality of your natural lashes.
    Fixed Style: You can’t switch lash looks multiple times in a day or on the daily. You would have to commit to one style and it would take months to transition to a different style unless a lash removal is done and a full set is applied.
    Cost: As lash extensions need to be applied individually which takes a good amount of time, it can be expensive. In addition, the false lash extensions need to be re-filled every few weeks and this service can add up over time.
    Daily care: Lashes need to be washed every day to prevent build-up at the lash lines, demodex mites from proliferating and to prevent chalazions.

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