Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe for your eyes?

Are Magnetic eyelashes safe and are they dangerous? | Youthphoria

A lot of people get intimidated at the thought of magnetic eyeliners. 

Most questions we get are, are magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliners harmful? Why are you using magnets so close to your eyes? Why should I use magnetic eyeliners when there are tons of other options to choose from?

Are magnetic eyelashes safe for your eyes?

According to Dr. Elise Brisco, OD, CCH, Integrative optometrist and clinical homeopath, magnetic lashes are safe to use around the eyes. Dr Brisco explains that magnetic eyelashes are better than using traditional false eyelashes because you don’t need to apply glue close to the eye area. Getting latex glue into your eyes is painful after all. 

Whether or not you're a pro at applying false eyelashes, our magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliners are innovative and have their own set of specific use instructions. They work differently to other false eyelashes and magnetic lash brands, making Youthphoria the best magnetic lashes on the market. 

For best results, try our unique application techniques to take your lash look to the next level. Our Pharmacist and cosmetic chemist founder, Shirley Be always recommends reading the instructions on the package first so you can get the most out of magnetic lashes and liners and use them safely and appropriately. 

As with most beauty products, it’s possible to be sensitive to magnetic eyeliners albeit extremely rare! We do our best to make sure that the ingredients we use in our magnetic lash liners are clean, hypo-allergenic and healthy. We avoid the use of parabens, urea, latex, formaldehyde releasing ingredients, PEGs, fragrances and other nasties. The preservatives we use are the same as those found in organic products. Our products have been used successfully on individuals with sensitive eyes. However, we do always recommend patch testing first and review our full list of ingredients prior to use. 

Our black magnetic eyeliner has an average safety classification of 2, as determined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, with a classification of 1 as the safest (which is usually water). 

What makes Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelashes so special and different from other brands?

With magnetic lashes, you don’t have to worry about struggling with fiddly glue that just won’t stick!

Unlike traditional latex-based false strip lashes that “sometimes” stay on the eyelids, Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes feature six super small magnets that are securely fastened and strategically placed on the lash band. This then magnetically attaches to the magnetic eyeliner drawn on the eyelids, which contains cosmetic-grade iron oxide. Iron oxide is a common cosmetic ingredient found in mascaras, lipsticks and is even used in cosmetic tattooing. In Youthphoria’s hybrid magnetic eyeliners, there is a higher concentration of iron oxide which gives it the super-power to grip magnetic lashes. We then couple this magnetic property with a new generation film-forming polymer to ensure the lashes are securely attached all day and night and even in the windiest weather!

Here at Youthphoria, we are specialists in cosmetics, health and lash products. Our founder is a 5x qualified lash artist, cosmetic chemist, Australian pharmacist, skin therapist and has studied Naturopathy. Her expertise goes into formulating our products safely and effectively for your peace of mind. Our founder also takes a holistic and clean approach to formulating cosmetics. 

These specialist skills also go into producing magnetic eyeliners and lashes that are safe, easy to use and compliant with regulators such as the TGA and AICIS. 

Are your magnetic eyelashes made with animal products?

Therefore, pay attention to the materials when shopping for eyelashes.

Youthphoria uses high quality synthetic and vegan-friendly PBT ethically sourced from South Korea, renowned as the global best in manufacturing lash fibres. Using this form of light-weight and super life-like PBT fibres allows Youthphoria’s lash artisans to hand create the most realistic, comfortable and softest magnetic lashes.

Some brands of magnetic eyelashes can be created with animal hair or human-made materials.

Here are some best practices when using your magnetic lashes:

  • Clean your magnetic eyelashes. Make sure your false magnetic lashes are cleaned after each use, for best attachment. Follow our instructions here.
  • Always wash your hands before handling anything close to your eyes
  • Remove your magnetic eyelash extensions before you go to bed. For eyelid hygiene and keeping your magnetic lashes in tip-top condition do clean your eyelids well, remove makeup and false eyelashes at the end of the day. 
  • Don’t use any eye cosmetic product including our magnetic lashes if you have an existing eye infection, pre-existing eye condition or if the skin around your eye is irritated by excessive rubbing of your eyes due to hayfever for example.


Overall, magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners are safe, especially when compared to false lashes that require latex or cyanoacrylate glue. Magnetic lashes also tend to be easier and faster to use, so you will find yourself saving time in your beauty routine.

You should always use extra caution when using any cosmetics around your eye area which is why Youtphoria has ensured that our products are formulated and approved by industry experts to be safe and compliant to Australian standards for your safety. For your peace of mind, all products are checked for quality numerous times after it has been made by specialist artisans. Then a final check is made again before our products are packed and shipped to all our happy customers around the world. 

Any usage of a cosmetic product has its own pros and cons. At Youthphoria, we try to educate our customers on the information about our products to the very last detail. But as a customer, it is also good practice to use these magnetic liners with proper care, caution and cleanliness so that you get the best lash look and prolonged product longevity.