Youthphoria’s Hybrid Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners

Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes - Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliners


Let’s talk about the Magnetic Eyeliners more! 

Youthphoria’s innovative and quick-drying formula is perfect for everyday wear or for a big night out. It's oil-free, unlike other brands and that means you won't need messy and irritating oil cleansers to scrub the eyeliner off. All it takes to remove the eyeliner, is your regular face cleanser and water massaged in or Youthphoria’s natural and Australian made micellar foam. Simple! 

Youthphoria is the only Australian brand with a brown magnetic eyeliner and we have the world’s first true hybrid magnetic liner product. All our liners are created using the safest and cleanest approved ingredients for your peace of mind. 

Containing safe, compliant and high-quality ingredients, this hybrid magnetic and polymer bonding eyeliner has been approved by our resident cosmetic chemist, pharmacist and naturopath. We only want the best for you and after using this, you will never look back to regular strip lashes! 

Life before magnetic lashes: 

Apply eyeshadow, next is the false eyelashes, make sure you dry the adhesive (but not too long), apply the lashes, and then touch up with an eyeliner to hide any spots and to make sure the false eyelashes are applied seamlessly. 

These are the steps we’d have to do before magnetic eyeliners are discovered and developed. 

Now you simply have to swipe Youthphoria’s magnetic eyeliners on and apply your magnetic eyelashes and, viola, you’re done! How easy! 

How do you use Youthphoria’s World first hybrid magnetic eyeliner

Apply the eyeliner firmly with a long stroke and thinly along the natural lash line above lashes. You can use your pinky finger resting on your cheekbone for stability. If you find this difficult, you can mark small dots along your natural lash line and connect the dots with the eyeliner. 

Apply a thin layer about 2-3 coats of liner consecutively along the lash line. Ensure the liner is as thick as the magnets. Ideally wait for the liner to semi-dry between coats.

The eyeliner doesn’t have to be fully dry. Just semi-dry 80% for best hold.

How long does the magnetic eyeliner last? 

The liner lasts for about 60-100 uses and it contains 5mL of product.  Definitely something worth keeping as it’s going to stay with you through endless wine night, date night, meetings, zoom meetings, random grocery trips and many more!  

However, for safety and hygiene purposes, the magnetic liners should be replaced approximately every 3 months. 

To ensure the magnetic eyeliner’s longevity; close the lid after each and every use. This will ensure that the liner will not dry out. 

Is the magnetic eyeliner Safe? 

Yes! Magnetic liners are safe! Australian (AICIS) compliant, safe and chemist approved ingredients. Our founder is an accomplished Australian pharmacist, cosmetic chemist and 5x qualified lash artist with over 15 years of experience. When it comes to beauty, cosmetics and lashes, it is her jam!

However, we would always, always patch the test first on the inner arm and wait 24 hours.

Is the magnetic liner only compatible with Youthphoria’s magnetic Lashes? Can I use the magnetic liner with ordinary false eyelashes? 

Youthphoria’s eyeliners are specifically designed and developed to work with Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelashes. You will get the best results this way. 

However, as our products are uniquely hybrid, they can be used on all kinds of regular strip lashes and magnetic lashes.  It would literally improve the performance of other lash brands. But, you can only get Youthphoria’s genuine secret magic magnetic hybrid liner formula through us and beware the copycats! It may sound similar but the formula and ingredient list just doesn't hold up the same.

Is the magnetic Liner waterproof? 

Absolutely! It is smudge-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof and highly pigmented liquid formula will last from dawn till dusk. Panda eyes no more!

Can I retouch or add a regular eyeliner underneath my magnetic liner and magnetic lashes? 

For sure! While not everyone can be perfect at applying eyeliners for the first time and there could be spots that weren’t properly applied. You can definitely use regular eyeliner underneath the magnetic liner as a guide you can trace or to make sure there are no blank spaces in between the lashes and the eyelids. For our clear eyeliners, you can use any coloured eyeliner underneath. 

How do I remove the magnetic eyeliner? 

You can use your regular gel-based face wash on your eyelids when you’re washing your face. Lather and massage the product to the eyelids with your fingertips gently and thoroughly for about 30-60 seconds and it should come off. You can also use a clean makeup brush to massage this off. Any additional residue should come off like a film. You may need to stretch the skin slightly when cleaning to ensure the removal product has maximum contact with the skin.  

Alternatively, make-up wipes, makeup remover, coconut butter, olive oil or micellar water soaked on a cotton pad applied to the liner and pressed down for about 30 seconds before wiping. Garnier micellar water (oil version) is popular amongst our customers. 

We also have our very own Micellar Foaming Makeup Remover that is perfect for removing your eyeliner. Trust me, it works like magic! 

Enjoy a fuller and well done magnetic lash look within seconds with Youthphoria’s Magnetic Lashes & Liner. We’re making DIY eyelash extensions accessible to everyone, Even if you’re bad at makeup.