The World’s First Brown Magnetic Eyelashes: An Aussie innovation

Youthphoria Blog | The World’s First Brown Magnetic Eyelashes


Youthphoria’s Brown Magnetic Lashes are designed specifically for a supernatural appearance, particularly for those with fair complexions or lighter coloured hair. Our specialty brown faux mink magnetic lashes boasts multi-dimensional colour and realism to enhance your eyes. The brown magnetic eyelashes are the perfect to elevate your natural beauty.

A lot of women prefer to wear the brown magnetic lashes to frame and define their eyes, for a brighter eye effect. No more dark and heavy looking eyes with Youthphoria’s realistic, lifelike and natural-looking brown magnetic lashes. With Youthphoria’s exclusive brown magnetic eyelashes, you'll get that life-like look whilst getting the volume and length that lash extensions provide.

Who are these brown magnetic lashes for? 

Blonde and Redhead Women

  • Blonde and red haired women have lighter color lashes, therefore brown magnetic lashes will give them a natural look.
  • Also, women with red hair tend to have lighter skin than most. If you are fair-skinned and have very light natural eyelashes, then brown magnetic lash extensions are the most natural way to enhance your natural lashes. 

  • Lastly, it is important that your lashes and eyebrows match your hair colour for a natural look. We’re all for the natural beauty here! 

Our resident 5x qualified lash artist and pharmacist founder, Shirley recommends:

Ariel - Brown

Lucinda - Brown

Mature Women

  • More often than not, overly big magnetic lashes and super dark magnetic eyelashes can be too dramatic and can make the eyes appear smaller than they actually are. 
  • This will also help you feel confident and naturally you, with the magnetic lashes that you’re wearing. Looking good and feeling better! 

Our expert 5x qualified lash artist and pharmacist founder, Shirley recommends:

Merida - Brown/Black 

Serena - Brown

Beginners to Magnetic Lashes

  • Women who are just starting on their journey with magnetic lashes are always a little worried and hesitant to get a lash look that will make their eyes overtly stand out. Brown magnetic lashes are fantastic for those who have never tried false eyelashes or never had magnetic eyelashes before.
  • These brown magnetic lashes are very natural in colour, it will help women who are just starting out on their lash journey to be comfortable. Before long, you’ll be into the bold, stunning and dark magnetic lashes. Be warned! These magnetic lashes are addictive and you’ll love all the magnetic lash looks in no time!

Our expert 5x qualified lash artist and pharmacist founder, Shirley recommends:

Ariel - Brown

Serena - Brown

Magnetic eyelashes are a wonderful added makeup step which creates a huge difference for all eye shapes and all ages. Its job is to bring out the best of what features you have and not make you feel uncomfortable whilst wearing it. That’s why Youthphoria’s goal is not only to create stunning magnetic lashes but also to create featherlight natural lashes that are comfortably suitable for everyone!

The right colour and the right shape will always give you the perfect fit and perfect look that will help you feel good.