Can you wear magnetic lashes everyday?

Can you wear magnetic eyelashes every day - Youthphoria Magnetic eyeliner Australia

Can you wear magnetic lashes everyday? 

As the standard of beauty changes from time to time, there are many many innovations that have come out since we don’t know when. 

From the 2000’s look where a thin eyebrow and a crazy eyeliner is all it takes to conquer the outside world, to 2010’s going all out with heavy foundation, concealer, lipstick, mascara and all the lists that are included in your makeup routine to 2020 with the boom of eyelash extension, eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos and many more! 

The latter are one of the best revolutionary makeup for this generation. Imagine waking up with your eyebrows done? Early morning traffic and your face is undone? Worry no more, cause you’ve still got your eyelashes extension you had done 2 weeks ago. Worry that you look pale for a date? Remember the lip tattoo that makes your lips kissable you’ve had 3 months ago? Isn’t it amazing how we can just open our eyes and look like we get all our stuff together? 

We are continually amazed by how  all these beautiful inventions have made most of the women’s lives easier. 

But we've have also heard some scary experiences that will make you go back to basics and start from where it all started. MAKE UP! 

A lot of our customers have had their fair share of experiences from lash extensions that sadly didn’t work out the way they wanted it to. 

Some lost their lashes along the way, some had allergic reactions, some just don’t find it convenient having to come back and forth to the lash salon just to get their eyelashes done. 

We all know how busy we get every single day and being beautiful, looking good doesn’t have to take so much of our time. 

That’s exactly the reason why Youthphoria's magnetic eyelashes was born! 

But with Youthphoria, we guarantee the best result and the most natural looking lash for your everyday look.

The best part about magnetic lashes is the ability to wear them when you want and remove them after a hard day at work or a full day relaxing by the pool. Being able to remove the magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner, allows your eyelids to 'breath' so you can properly clean your eyes and wash your natural lashes.

Magnetic eyelashes being removable, will keep your eyelids hygienic and gunk-free, so you won't end up with a style or a condition like blepharitis. Unlike lash extensions, that can build up with dead skin cells, oils and bacteria and lead to these common conditions if not well cared for. 

What about movie dates? Wine night with the ladies? How about the wedding that’s happening on the weekend?
We still got you! We have loads of choices for glamorous lashes that will surely make you more stunning than you already are! 

These magnetic lashes whether the most natural to the most glamorous design are all perfect for everyday uses! Better yet, changing your lash style multiple times a day! 

Can you imagine not having to go to your lash artist, drive and book an appointment yet having to change lash styles for each event? 

When you look and feel good, you take the emphasis off of worrying about yourself, and you are more easily able to smile and be kind to others. You are not hiding, and you can actually see the people and experiences happening around you. It shows respect for yourself and anyone else you are with. 

We all agree that if not the best, one of the best feelings in this world is knowing that you feel good about yourself, because whatever it is that you feel inside you, radiates from the outside, which makes you look good. 

But there  are women who have different opinions. There are women who want to look good first to be able to feel good about themselves and there is nothing wrong with both as long as we all feel good about ourselves. 

Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes are so realistic, natural and true-to-life that they are highly tapered, cylindrical shape and fine lash fibre ends. You will find cheaper quality magnetic lashes will feel heavier, look clunkier, have blunt tips and use coarse eyelash lash extension fibres that look flat.