Cat-Eye Magnetic Lashes

 Youthphoria Best Cat-Eye Magnetic Eyelashes Australia

What do cat eye magnetic lashes look like? 

The cat eyelash also known as a flared magnetic lash looks exactly as its name says: it’s an eyelash with extensions towards the eyes’ outer ends that gives the eyes a longer look. It also creates an illusion to the eyes to make it look longer, sultrier and and more defined. 

Cat eye looks are very popular amongst women all over the globe as it flatters almost any kind of eye shape. 

Cat-eye magnetic lashes create an elegant lift and an elongated effect on the eyes, which may also make facial features appear slimmer and smaller. 

Who’s perfect for a cat eye look? 

Most women with close-set and up-turned eye shapes will look fabulous with cat eye magnetic eyelashes, as the outer lash extensions give a delicate flick and help create balance by extending the eyes out. 

Women with round eyes will definitely benefit the most from cat eyelashes. The cat eyelashes will bring focus on the outside, giving the eyes a longer and fiercer look. 

Why is going for a cat eye worth it? 

It is worth it as it is a semi-glam style for every eye shape. Cat eye magnetic lashes are longer in the eye corner and shorter on the eye outer corner, they’ll make your eyes look bigger and more alive. If you’re bored of your everyday basic look, you can glam it up with a cat eye look which will elevate your everyday look without overdoing it. Turn it up a notch by increasing the volume or length to make a statement with your eyes!

Benefits of cat eye magnetic lashes. 

Seriously, whatever eye shape you have except downturned eyes : a cat eye magnetic lash is your go-to beauty trick for an elevated look.

However, eyes with a round eye shape will definitely benefit from cat eyelashes the most. As it  creates an oval eyeliner to open up the eyes and make your eyes pop. It also frames your eyes without the need to apply a huge winged eyeliner. It’s very dramatic and glamorous, yet subtle.

If you have almond eyes, you can make any magnetic lash style work for you!

Will cat eyed magnetic lashes work perfectly on my hooded eyes? 

Short to medium length magnetic eyelashes look best with hooded eyes. Although, it will still depend on what shape you decide on wearing. Since the lashes are placed or applied at the outer corner of your eyes, they don't overpower your upper lid but can make your eyes longer and a little more foxy.

What Youthphoria Lashes will give you the best cat eye or flared magnetic lash look? 

Youthphoria just launched a new Cat Eye Magnetic Lash Collection which consists of these beautiful magnetic lashes. 

TIANA - Striking cat-eye magnetic lashes.

ESTELLE - Everyday wispy natural cat-eye magnetic lashes. 

ETHEREAL - Medium cat-eye magnetic lashes. 

TRIXIE - Short & soft cat-eye magnetic lashes. 

PIXIE - Natural soft cat-eye magnetic lashes. 

DIAMOND - Glamorous megavolume cat-eye magnetic lashes. 

BELLE - Cat-eye winged flared magnetic eyelashes. 

These lashes are surely a life saver for all of the ladies with round eyes, but who are we to limit these wonderful lashes? If you think that the Accent Lashes are perfect for your eyes, you go and you do you, fabulash lady! xx