Generic magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner? Are they worth it?

are cheap and generic magnetic lashes safe?

Have you noticed the same style of magnetic lashes being sold everywhere, but with different brand names? 

Many generic magnetic lashes that are found on eBay and similar marketplaces are simply re-branded and offer the typical 5 bulky magnet lashes. You will also be able to easilly identify these generic re-brands whereby no ingredient list is on the eyeliner and the lash cases aren't branded. 

Commonly, these companies selling generic false magnetic lashes aren’t even aware of the origins or quality of their lashes. We can’t imagine the potential implications the quality of these lashes could have on consumer safety and Australian regulatory compliance. The generic magnetic lashes we refer to, are mass produced and generally made to keep costs and labour down.

Many companies do stock these lashes and re-brand them as they are cheaper and superficially look decent. However, we know in our experience that generic mass-produced magnetic eyelashes just don’t hold up for long nor feel comfortable to wear and fall apart after a few uses. 

We have also become aware that there are other brands creating cheaper dupes of our packaging and lashes. These are NOT the same quality as our magnetic lashes, whilst the packaging and marketing language may look and sound similar. We are the FIRST & ORIGINAL Australian brand with a TRUE 6-MICRO-Magnetic lash. Please beware and ensure that you purchase Australian compliant products. 

At Youthphoria, we have strict quality control measures with physical inspections made every step of the way from raw material sourcing, during production, post production and before your parcel arrives. 

Our magnetic eyeliner is expertly formulated and approved by our in-house cosmetic chemist, naturopath and pharmacist using only clean and healthy ingredients. No urea (releases formaldehyde), parabens, sulphates and other questionable ingredients. Just safe, regulatory compliant and effective magnetic eyeliners that out-performs and out-lasts other magnetic eyeliners. 

Youthphoria’s goal is to be kind to animals but also to humans. This also means providing quality products to our customers that align with our business ethics.

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