Your Complete Guide To Our Crystal Clear Magnetic Compatible Eyeliner

Clear and transparent magnetic eyeliner - Youthphhoria

Why the Crystal Clear Magnetic Compatible Eyeliner?

The best way to achieve your no makeup, make up and natural look? Our Crystal Clear magnetic compatible eyeliner.

The precision felt-tip clear eyeliner pen makes it super-easy to draw an invisible layer of eyeliner on the lash line with no mess and no fuss. It’s a quick-dry formula that makes for easy adjustment! Formulated specifically to be 100% compatible with Youthphoria's magnetic eyelashes.

Imagine and realise an easy swipe with the liner and then viola! You can pop on your magnetic lashes and look elegantly beautiful in just a matter of seconds! No messy eyeliner that's transferred everywhere, perfect for beginners who aren’t good with using liquid eyeliners.

How does the clear eyeliner work with magnetic eyelashes?

Youthphoria introduced the world’s first clear magnetic compatible eyeliner that works with magnetic lashes.

Our clear liner is compatible and specifically formulated to work with Youthphoria's magnetic lashes. We developed the clear liner to help many of our customers who want a super-natural look.

The clear liner isn't magnetic in itself, it uses a new generation film forming polymer that exhibits visco-elastic properties to secure the magnetic lashes without damaging them. It is entirely different to traditional latex based glues, that we’ve all struggled with in the past! It works really well and the formula ensures the magnetic eyelashes stay put all day and all night. It’s the first and only one of its kind in the world!

Clear Eyeliner Magnetic Lashes Compatible - Youthphoria - Best False Eyelashes

What’s the best thing about the clear magnetic compatible eyeliner?

Our Crystal Clear magnetic compatible eyeliner is here to save the day! A beginner-friendly adhesive pen born to change your lash life forever!

The clear liner is there for those who want a supernatural look and so that you can wear our magnetic lashes interchangeably with any of our black or brown magnetic liners too! No need to purchase different strip lashes! Use the preferred lash liner to create the effect you desire.

Swipe and go with the Clear Eyeliner that is made to match your Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes. It’s your best partner for a quick date night or a quick ladies night!

Best of all, it's fast, easy to use and secure! Apply lashes better than a pro from the comfort of your own home and without having to keep up with costly false eyelash extensions and not to mention having to go back to the salon every two to three week for refills.

Is it tacky? Sticky? Is it uncomfortable?

As the Crystal Clear eyeliner uses a new generation film-forming polymer to secure the lashes it can sometimes feel a bit sticky until it dries. This is normal and its how our special clear liner works to ensure the magnetic lashes stay on all day and night!

Depending on your eyelid shape, it may be worthwhile trialling the tape technique to prevent the sticky feeling and to prevent the liner transferring to the upper eyelids, especially if you have hooded eyes. When the lashes are attached and the liner fully dries, this tacky sensation is gone.

PRO TIP: To ensure best lash and skin contact, prevent liner transfer and to allow the lashes to get really close to the natural lash line: Stretch the skin gently on the eyelid upwards and outwards towards the ear with the hand not being used for the eyeliner. Do this when using the eyeliner AND during lash application. Once the lash is applied, you can release the skin.

You may also apply translucent or foundation powder around the upper eyelids, if you tend to get oily lids or if it’s a very humid day to further prevent this.

Lastly and importantly, if you only line where you apply the lashes you won’t feel sticky all over the eyelids.  Just gorgeous and fabulash magnetic lashes!

Is the Clear Liner safe?

Our founder is a 5x qualified lash artist, cosmetic chemist, Australian pharmacist and has studied Naturopathy. Her expertise goes into formulating the Crystal Clear Eyeliner safely and effectively for your peace of mind. Our founder also takes a holistic and clean approach to formulating cosmetics.

Our products are AICIS compliant and use cosmetic safe ingredients. You will see that our ingredient list  is the cleanest and healthiest on the market. Our ingredients are safe, high-quality, and are compliant with multiple regulatory bodies such as Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA) and we are registered with The Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS, formerly NICNAS) for the cosmetic use of our products.

We don’t use parabens, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, latex and common nasties. The preservatives we use are the same as those found in organic products.  Our clear liner doesn't have any iron oxides in it and uses a film forming polymer which is a very large molecule and therefore very unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. Since from a scientific perspective, when particles are smaller they are more likely to penetrate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Ours is highly unlikely Our products have been used successfully on individuals with sensitive eyes. However, we do always recommend patch testing first.We hope this answer is informative and helps answer your questions.

Best of all, this 🇦🇺 Australian innovation is a World First!