Youthphoria Eyeshape Guide

Youthphoria eye shape chart

If you aren’t familiar or fully aware of what lash style you have, you can take a look at this eye shape guide for an in depth table of what the eye shapes are and how each eye shapes are different from each other.

It is crucial that you know what lash style you have, as it will determine which lashes would suit you best. Knowledge is power!

There are six main eye shapes — round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned and almond — and they're all fabulous in their own way. These are the most common eye shape known to each woman. You may have also heard the following descriptions for your eyes: wide set, asymmetrical, big, small, close set and deep set.

Round eye shapes are circular shaped eyes, usually large and prominent sized eyes.
Round eyes are best suited to flared lashes that are short to medium in length. These lashes will help elongate the eye.
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Belle and Aurora

Monolid eye shape features a less apparent crease and are most common in Asian eyes.
Monolid eye shapes will give you a perfect opportunity to go with a magnetic lash look that creates an eye opening effect. Most lash styles are suitable, especially accent lashes which are the perfect fit which created a soft eye=opening effect.
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Pixie and Trixie

Hooded eyes feature heavier upper eyelids which generally sit over the eyelid crease.
With hooded eye shapes try applying your magnetic eyeliner thicker to balance the eyelids shape and select a lash that is slightly longer and with more volume. You’ll find Youthphhoria’s lashes will lift and open the eyes up
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Lucinda and Pocahontas.

Downturned eye shape features an upper lid that dips to meet the lower lash line.
Downturned eye shapes suit rounded or doll-eyed shape magnetic eyelashes best to create balance.
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Celestial and Sirius

Upturned eye shapes are famously known as cat eyes.
Upturned eyes tilt upward, giving the eye a lifted appearance.
Flared and cat eyed lashes can elevate and accentuate upturned eyes. If you prefer a softer look, try a rounded lash which will down-play upturned eyes
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Trixie and Mystic

Almond eye shapes are generally longer in width than they are round — just like an almond!
Almond eyes are the most versatile and suit all magnetic lash styles. It then comes down to personal taste.
Chief lash expert Shirley’s top two picks: Divine and Aurora

Truth is, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual style. We have a professional opinion but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we encourage you to play and try the vast array of magnetic eyelash styles the Youthphoria stocks.

You can count on Youthphoria to have your back and cater to all different eye shapes with all of our lash styles. If you’re unsure on what style to get, head to our lash quiz to let us help you decide. We are the best and largest magnetic lash brand in Australia for a reason!