Eyelash Enhancing Growth and Repair Serum

Australia eyelash growth & repair serum | Youthphoria

The go-to for most women who want lashes are a good set of false eyelashes. This helps them feel confident by filling in the missing pieces due to chemo, diseases, allergic reactions, or damage due to lash extensions.

There are a lot of ways to get long, full lashes – first, strip lashes which only last as long as you wear your makeup that has to be taken off at the end of each day. 

Lash extensions are a great option too, but keeping up with appointments every few weeks, lying on a bed for more than an hour or two just to get the lashes done is just too time consuming, not to mention the money that you’d have to spend on each lash refills. There’s also a risk of an allergic reaction to lash glue, for those with more sensitive skin.

Although Youthphoria swears by the use of magnetic eyelashes & eyeliner. We do know that there are loads of women who prefer natural beauty and we want to make sure we cater to all types of women or people depending on their needs, preferences, and wants.

This is why Youthphoria’s CEO & Founder, Shirley has come up with another product that will absolutely make our lives better and easier. With full pride, we are happy to introduce our newest product: 

Youthphoria’s eyelash enhancing growth and repair serum

You might be wondering how does it work, when does it take effect, does it damage your natural lashes, etc. Well, we are here to talk more about it.

The eyelash enhancing growth and repair serum works by simply applying the serum to your eyelids. Just like how you apply your regular liquid eyeliner, but this time, you apply the serum closely to your eyelash roots to enhance growth.

Youthphoria’s newest eyelash enhancing growth and repair serum is formulated and approved by our resident pharmacist and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers to use every night.   

It is effective enough to strengthen the natural lashes. Youthphoria’s eyelash growth serum is suitable for conditions such as alopecia, post-chemotherapy, and trichotillomania.

Trust me when I say that this is the perfect tool to keep your natural lashes extra strong and gorgeous despite being damaged through lash refill appointments or anything at all!

You may use this serum while using extensions too and/or false lashes too! Isn’t that amazing? A serum for your lashes that acts like a vitamin to repair the damage and keep it growing too!

Youthphoria’s lash growth serum nourishes lash follicles to create long, strong, thick, and full lashes you never thought possible. With visible results in 30 days and full results in 90 days, Youthphoria makes beautiful natural lashes possible.