Lashes & Glasses. Do they go well together?

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Lashes & Glasses. Do they go well together?

Have there been times when you can feel that your lashes are too long and they keep brushing up against your glasses? Or the lashes have too much volume for spectacle wearers and it just looks super awkward. 

We all know someone who wears eyeglasses to help improve their eyesight and magnetic lashes can really make your eyes pop behind glasses. Some people in the Youthphoria team are spectacle wearers too including our CEO herself, Shirley. 

We know the struggle of wearing heavy eyelashes underneath your glasses, and we also know that most women find it challenging to find the perfect lashes that work with their eyeglasses, without feeling like you’re wearing windscreen wipers. Many other brands tend to stock super long lashes that may look like you’ve walked off the set of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. At Youthphoria, we don’t believe in bigger as always better. The best lashes are the ones you feel comfortable and confident in! Youthphoria is well known for its magnetic lashes that are super natural, realistic and life-like. 

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Lashes compatible with eyeglasses | Youthphoria Australia

Applying false eyelashes can be challenging, but if you wear glasses you will understand the daily dilemma of wanting to feel amazing and fabulous with magnetic lashes, and the struggle to find the perfect lashes that will not look squished between your eyes and lashes or out of place behind your spectacle. 

Well, worry no more! We are here to tell you that you can wear your glasses and be gorgeous with your magnetic eyelashes on! 

So, what magnetic eyelashes are suitable for eyeglasses? 

We highly recommend 10mm magnetic lashes or under for the perfect fit. 

Going for the shorter lashes such as Serena and Merida will give you the best chances of success. Jasmine is also a popular choice for a lighter lash look. This ensures that the fibres will not get in the way of your eyeglasses and won’t cause any discomfort to your eyes. 

An important thing to consider when choosing your magnetic eyelashes is if you have a tall nose bridge, your glasses are likely to sit further away from your eyes.

This means you'll have the option of selecting lashes that are a little longer in the middle such as Lucinda, Ariel or Estelle

Depending also on the design of your glasses, selecting short magnetic eyelashes that taper and flare towards the outer ends such as Pixie or Belle can also work for glasses that sit a little further away from the eyes. 

Important tips with the application especially if you are struggling to apply your lashes without your eyeglasses.

  • Applying a small amount of mascara to your natural lashes will help you with the application process as you will have a guide on which part of your eyelids to set your lashes with. We strongly discourage you to put any mascara in your Youthphoria magnetic lashes as it is unnecessary and could damage your lashes. 
  • If you need to wear your glasses whilst applying the glue to your magnetic lashes, place your eyeglasses at the end of your nose near your nostrils and look down into a mirror. This way you’ll have an easy way to look through and apply your magnetic liner & magnetic lashes easily. 
  • Do try magnified mirrors with lights on them! These are super popular and work for many of our customers. 
  • There are also tons of tutorials on Youtube that help us with the eye makeup, eyelashes application without having to remove your eyeglasses.

What Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes are eyeglasses compatible?

We have a collection that’s made especially for eyeglasses compatible lashes. 

And also, our Accent Lash Kit is perfect for you! With its flare and cat eye look type of lashes. You will never go wrong and will absolutely look fantastic to pair with your eyeglasses/spectacle.

We know the struggles of each of our customers and we see to it that we acknowledge each and everyone’s concern from purchasing down to the application process.