How Do You Apply Eyeshadow With Magnetic Eyelashes?

How do you apply eyeshadow with magnetic eyelashes?

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Really though, which one goes first? 

It’s like the million dollar question we get almost everyday at Youthphoria. When you’re wearing your everyday makeup or your make up for a glamorous event, do you actually wear your magnetic lashes first or do you put that on as the last step? 

Generally, if you’re wearing false eyelashes, according to some make up artists, false eyelashes should always be on the last part of your makeup routine. If you do them first, you might end up with eyeshadow fallout on top of them. 

But is it the same with the Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes, though? 

The answer is YES!!! 

Regardless of the lash type, magnetic or strip lash falsies. It is always best to do the eyeshadow first to prevent any powder fallout on your lashes. Imagine wearing a bold colour as an eyeshadow and seeing some bits of eyeshadow in your lashes? (Who wants dusty looking lashes???) 

The Youthphoria way would be:
Eyeshadow > Liner > Magnetic Lashes 

This will definitely make your makeup look flawless and gorgeous! 

Here are some basic steps in applying Youthphoria’s magnetic eyeliner & magnetic lashes for the best results: 

  • You can then apply the lashes on a semi-wet liner ( about 70%) for maximum grip and do not re-adjust. If you need to readjust, apply another coat of magnetic eyeliner for good measure.  
  • Ensure the lashes fit well so they sit well - If it’s too long, it needs to be trimmed from the outer end to remove the first magnet and then the other side closest to the nose to remove another magnet. 
  • Before applying your magnetic eyelash extensions, curl the lashes around your finger for up to 10 seconds. This will help the lash band mould to the contours of your eye.  
  • Starting from the inner corner of the eye, firmly press and hold the inner part down (the area of the first two magnets) for a few seconds until it is secured and doesn’t move. 
  • The above step takes 3 seconds, then place the rest of the length of the lash down along the eyeliner ensuring the lash sits flush along the eye-lid and press down firmly till the magnetic lash doesn’t move.  This will ensure the lash extensions are fit securely. 
  • When this is all in place, you can gently tug on the lash and you will feel it attached securely. Your eyelid will move when tugged, but the magnetic  lashes will stay put!

And Viola! You're all set for the day! ❤️