How to care and clean your magnetic eyelashes the right way?

proper magnetic lash care

How to give your magnetic lashes the right tender loving care.

A lot of us are confused as to how we can maintain Youthphoria’s Magnetic Lashes. How do we store these lashes properly? How do we keep it fresh? How do we prolong its longevity whilst using it on a daily basis or for long hours?

We care for our bags, shoes, and clothes especially the collectible ones because of its worth. But how are you taking care of something that does not cost much but is something you use around your eyes?

GUILTY?! More often than not, we just put our magnetic lashes back into their cases after each use. Cleaning? What? Why? Nobody has time for that. (Trust me, we get a lot of that! Or sometimes, they just don’t know that these lashes are supposed to be cleaned EACH AND EVERY USE)

SO NO! You should make time for it. If you want your lashes to last long you must care and clean it, which is the key to long lasting magnetic lashes even if you use it everyday! Plus, it’s for general hygiene too. Who wants to wear leftover magnetic liner all over the bands from an event you attended 3 weeks ago? (Ewww….)

So how do I clean magnetic lashes? What should I do to prevent magnetic lash damage? How do I prolong the use of my adored Youthphoria's Magnetic Lashes? 

Here’s a DO’s and DON’Ts list with your magnetic eyelashes that is definitely going to help.


  • Before returning your lashes to their case, make sure you remove any residual eyeliner from the magnets AFTER EVERY USE by gently scratching the residual magnetic eyeliner off with your fingernail or tweezers. 
  • Remove the remaining remnants on the magnets, lash bands and lash fibres by gently and thoroughly cleaning with a cotton bud saturated with Isocol (64% Isopropyl Alcohol) and allow air to dry. The residual eyeliner should just dissolve away. [You can find Isocol at Coles, IGA or Woolworths in the first aid section if you’re in Australia. Isocol gives fantastic results and is also antibacterial. ] 


  • DO NOT USE MAKEUP REMOVER OR MICELLAR WATER ON THE LASH BANDS! (Alternatively, you can wash your lashes with a clean makeup brush dipped in a gel-based cleanser diluted with water to gently wash the lash fibres and band. Rinse with cold water and air dry on a paper towel. )
  • Do not submerge or soak the lashes. Over-exposure to moisture will cause damage— only wash them when necessary. 
  • Warm water shouldn’t be used because the heat will make the lash lose its curl and it’s not sufficient to remove the liner from the magnets and lash bands.  

With the right love and care, your Youthphoria magnetic lashes will be there for you to make you feel confident and extra when you need it! 

We’re always here to support our customers and to provide you with specialist magnetic lash advice from REAL experts.

We have experienced artisans who carefully hand-make our realistic and fabulash magnetic lashes. Youthphoria’s founder is also a 5 times certified eyelash technician with years of practical experience in styling and applying professional eyelash extensions. Not to mention that she is also a pharmacist, cosmetic chemist, naturopath and skin therapist! We put all of this love and expertise on everything we do so that you get the best magnetic eyelashes the world has to offer.