Youthphoria Best Magnetic Lashes | Micellar Foaming Makeup Remover Blog


Do you also find it a bit challenging to remove the eyeliner off? Tried everything but nothing seems to work? 

We get a lot of messages and comments on how to safely, easily remove magnetic eyeliners without too much effort? 

But let’s talk about why it is a bit of a challenge to take the magnetic eyeliners off. 

What makes the eyeliner magnetic is iron oxide. Iron oxide is a commonly occurring and cosmetic-safe ingredient that exists in foundations, mascaras, lipsticks and eyeshadows even in cosmetic tattooing. In a magnetic liner, there is a higher concentration of iron oxide to make it magnetic. 

You would also expect the Youthphoria black and brown magnetic eyeliner to be hard to remove as it is waterproof, windproof, sweat proof and it could last 16 hours. A magnetic liner that lasts that long would surely be a bit of a challenge to remove, right? 

So the real question is, how will you remove a lash liner that is sweat proof, windproof and waterproof? 

Trust me, water won’t do the job. Water isn’t even enough to clean off a good eyeshadow and a foundation, so removing anything like liners, mascara or the like would really be impossible to remove using water. 

We at Youthphoria, take in every single feedback and comment our customers give us. We don’t only sell, or innovate products just because it’s trendy or our competitors have it too. Youthphoria listens and bases our improvement, innovations on our customers' voices. We make sure we give you our 100% dedication. Service and commitment to innovative, effective and safe products. 

That’s why we came up with an Australian made Micellar Foam Makeup remover that easily and safely removes the magnetic and clear eyeliner from the eyelids without irritating and scrubbing the eyelids to get the eyeliners off. We use a gentle and sulphate free surfactant that dissolves and lifts off the eyeliner at a molecular level. Perfect for sensitive eyes! 

Our specially formulated micellar foam makeup remover is also fortified with glycerin and aloe vera water to moisturise and soothe the skin!

Youthphoria’s Micellar Foam Makeup remover is perfect for Youthphoria’s Hybrid liners and the clear liner too, not only it is perfect for our products, but you can also use it to remove any makeup and clean your skin with it. It’s naturally so gentle on the skin but works well for makeup that’s harder for regular makeup removers. 

Did I mention it’s vegan and animal cruelty free? Yup! It’s also soap-free, ethoxylate-free, alcohol-free, and paraben-free. This is definitely the best makeup remover for you #fabulashwomen of all skin types! Best of all, it uses natural ingredients too!

How long can Youthphoria Micellar Makeup Remover be used? 

The bottle is 50ML and can be used for up to 200 uses. 

Where is Youthphoria Micellar Makeup Remover made? 

It is made in Australia with 99.4% plant derived and Ecocert® ingredients.

Overall, if you have a pair of Youthphoria lashes, it wouldn’t hurt to get this Micellar Foaming Makeup remover as you can use it literally in your daily skincare routine. You’ll surely love and enjoy! 

Us at Youthphoria want the best and most comfortable experience for you all!