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Do magnetic eyelashes work - Youthphoria Australia

"I created the Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes & magnetic eyeliner as an alternative to professionally applied lash extensions - now you can easily apply lashes yourself, that are realistic-looking, quick to use and most of all; will stay put all day long. Guaranteed!"

Youthphoria beauty started out as a lash extension salon established in early 2018. This was when Shirley became seriously obsessed with the transforming powers that bespoke lash extensions could do for a woman’s confidence and look. Shirley built her reputation, not only on her scientific and safe approach to the art of lash extensions but based on her integrity, professionalism and kind approach to taking care of her customers.

Whilst at the salon, Shirley famously developed the iconic Youthphoria featherlight & ethereal lash extensions which had women frequently on a waiting list to see her from all over Australia! These women loved the light-weight feel, natural & realistic styling and the long-lasting effect of these lash extensions that no other lash tech could emulate with traditional classic, Russian volume nor mega volume.

The demand became the mother of invention and so the Youthphoria magnetic lashes and liner system was born using this same unique lash extension concept- comfortable, realistic, natural and long-lasting lashes. With the added bonus that they are quick, easy to apply and safe!

Discover the Youthphoria's Magentic Lashes & Magnetic Eyeiner and see how it will level-up your lash game! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!