The Newest and The Hottest Magnetic Liquid Liner Pen

Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner in Pen | Youthphoria Australia


AHHHHHH!! This product is what everybody has been requesting, and they can’t stop talking about it!

Our Fairy Lash Mother AKA our CEO always has something in store for everybody! 

So, let’s go through the details! 

The Hybrid Magnetic Liner Pen from Youthphoria is the first in Australia! It’s basically like the liquid magnetic eyeliner brush but it is in the form of a pen! The newest magnetic liner features a soft, felt tip that makes it easier and accurate to apply and glide onto your eyelids. This ensures a mess and mistake proof eyeliner application because of its fine and ultra-precise felt tip. This means beginners through makeup experts can create perfectly winged eyes. 

The new hybrid magnetic eyeliner pen is waterproof, smudge proof, and wind-proof. Imagine having a magnetic eyeliner that’s so easy to be applied yet stays up-to 16 hours and beyond? Absolutely effortless beauty! 

The Hybrid Magnetic Eyeliner Pen is the only product of its kind in Australia. And with these specialised brown and black magnetic eyeliner pens, you can achieve a perfect false lash look with speed and ease every time.

These magnetic eyeliners are definitely something you’d like to keep in your makeup bag! No need to worry about putting on your false magnetic eyelashes. With this Magnetic Pen Liner you can apply your lashes in a snap! Mess free! 

The Magnetic Liner Pen is perfect for you if: 

  • You want a flawless eyeliner application. 
  • You don’t have steady hands. 
  • You prefer a quick and easy way to apply your eyeliner. 
  • You want a mess free and fuss-free alternative.
  • You are always in a hurry. 

The Magnetic Liner Pen is definitely worth raving about and getting as it is vegan, animal-cruelty free, latex and paraben free! It also comes in a rich brown or jet-black colour!

Experience Youthphoria’s magnetic lash magic with the newest hybrid magnetic eyeliner in a pen form. Apply your lashes and eyeliner with ease, comfort, and confidence! No more lash worries!

What’s the difference between the Crystal Clear Eyeliner Pen and The Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Well, there is a huge difference as the Crystal Clear Liner uses a film forming polymer which is a type of adhesive that is 100% made to be compatible with magnetic lashes. It applies clear, but works to adhere the magnetic lashes. Get this clear liner alongside the magnetic liner pens for days when you want extra hold like at the beach or if you want a super-natural look!