Magnetic Eyelashes For All Ages

Magnetic Eyelashes for all ages - Youthphoria Australia

Magnetic eyelashes for all ages: one makeup tool suitable for all women

We all know how much makeup has evolved as time goes by and there are makeup beauty trends that are only fit or applicable to certain ages. At Youthphoria we are all for freedom of choice and not being hindered by ‘expectations’. If you’re mature and wish to look ‘younger’, or if you are young and you wish to look more mature. But there are some women in both ages that do not find makeup trends appropriate for their age or overall aesthetic.

Here at Youthphoria we want men, women, and all genders of ALL AGES to be able to enjoy the beauty and magic of Youthphoria’s Magnetic eyelashes!

We offer a wide variety of magnetic eyelashes and invisible magnetic lashes from the most natural to the most glamorous type of false lashes. Name it and we have it!

Women of a more mature age don't have to stick to their natural lash length, or to the common makeup trends that you’ve seen around. Just because time has passed, it doesn’t mean you can no longer be beautiful or no longer wear new makeup creations: We are for ageless beauty and beauty for all human kind! By embracing the everyday, you will absolutely add more confidence and beauty not only by physical means but you will radiate from the inside out!,

We’ve had many customers who are in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s who are in love and obsessed with how Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes have enhanced their look. They don’t identify with old, wrinkly and saggy but brighter eyes and a renewed confidence.

Life is busy and we know how tired you can be with all the things you’re juggling right now. If you’re a mum, we know how hard it is to take care of the kids, take care of the household and at the same time take care of yourself. A lot of mums forget how to go back to being themselves before kids and we want to be part of your journey in finding your beauty confidence again.

As cliche as it sounds, Youthphoria isn’t just a brand that sells false eyelashes and other cosmetic products, Youthphoria is a brand that wants to connect to each and everyone of our customers through our products. Youthphoria is founded by  Shirley who wants to make a difference and create an impact through something as simple as lashes. With magnetic lashes, we have had thousands of interactions from women all over the world and through all walks of life. It is through conversation started with magnetic lashes that we’ve struck up many engaging conversations and

So, in any age, in any colour, race, opinions, and ethnicity, you can count on Youthphoria to help you be the best version of yourself.

We are happy to guide you and help you choose the best lashes for you! Start the Youthphoria journey by checking out the best magnetic eyelashes that suit you here xx