Life Changing Magnetic Eyelashes

Life changing magnetic eyelashes | Youthphoria Australia

Youthphoria magnetic lashes weren't created in a snap or in a heartbeat. Our CEO created Youthphoria through stories of customer’s who needed an extra hand ( or lashes….)  in their daily lives to make their beauty routine simpler and easier. 

Let’s admit, as we grow older, our responsibilities blow up until we forget how to take care of ourselves. How beautiful would it be if our makeup routine were reduced from 30 minutes to just 15-20 minutes just by skipping the lash curling, lash mascara and all the drama to get our eyelashes looking good? Mind you, when your lashes look amazing, the need for lipstick and foundation tend to be less of a priority as the focus will be all on your eyes. 

With Youthphoria magnetic false eyelashes you can just simply swipe the magnetic eyeliner on and then apply your magnetic lashes, and you’re good to go! 

Is that it, though? Is that everything Youthphoria ever got to be for the past few years? Absolutely not! We’ve always got more to give and are continually developing new products. 

We’ve been told how Youthphoria is quite literally life changing. It has brought value to and changed women’s perspective and way of life because of a pair of lashes. Let’s hear some of their stories. 

“Life Changer: How I wished this came 20 years ago! Being over 40, I don’t fuss over makeup like I used to. These magnetic lashes takes my natural makeup to another level. Makes me feel so pretty. I cannot imagine my life without them now. And Youthphoria keeps coming up with better products every time! Keep up the fabulous work! You have me as a forever supporter. 🥰” 

Or maybe, women who are more confident with extra help of magnetic lashes! We all understand how beautiful our eyes would be not only by the eye shape, eye colour, eye makeup but also with the lashes we have to enhance them. Let’s see how some Youthphoria lash lovelies think of Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelashes. 

Youthphoria lashes have actually changed my life. They’re so easy to apply and I feel comfortable wearing them all day. With the Tiana ones I literally feel like a princess!”

Imagine how devastatingly sad it would be to lose some or all of your natural lashes? Worst, having gaps in your natural lash line because of chemotherapy treatment… Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes help those who have lost their natural lashes with magnetic eyelashes as a natural lash replacement. Our short magnetic lashes such as Merida and Jasmine look realistic and natural, helping to boost confidence during cancer recovery. 

Let us not forget women who go through menopause causing them to lose their natural lashes or thin their lashes out. Or a mature woman, looking for a pep in their step! We’d absolutely want to be part of each and every individual journey in finding their confidence through beauty hacks and through our natural and realistic looking magnetic eyelashes! We’ve had tons of mature women come to us with frustrations caused by thinning lashes and it is priceless to hear and see them glow when putting on Youthphoria magnetic lashes for the first time and seeing themselves in a new light! 

“I have just tried my recently purchased eyelashes and am very impressed with not only the fast service and delivery, but with the ease of application and removal- especially when I wear glasses and have arthritic fingers. Even without makeup the lashes look very natural. Am so happy I took the chance to purchase - first time in my life I have had visible lashes...and they are an Aussie company - win, win, win ❤️”

And lastly, Youthphoria’s beauty products and magnetic lashes support those who have gone through illness or life changing events that cause them to lose their natural lashes. We’ve had a fair share of customers who undergo chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania or other conditions who have gotten their happiness and confidence back through Youthphoria magnetic lashes.You can view Witney’s story in facing cancer with confidence with Youthphoria by her side. Be prepared to be amazed by how strong and an amazing woman she is!

“Happy is an understatement. I am beyond thrilled with my Ariel lash bundle. After having my face 'obliterated' (as per the hospital discharge report) by a drugged-up neighbour back in March, my self esteem and confidence plummeted. My right eye was damaged and I now have a blown pupil. The surgery also resulted in cuts above and below my eye - which made it look different to my 'good' eye. I have 3 titanium plates holding my skull together. My real lashes changed and it was glaringly obvious. So I thought : why not? Purchasing these lashes changed my life and I am forever grateful. Will be getting more. PS. When we were kids we loved to dress up. That shouldn't change when we become adults. Remember: if it's not fun, it's not done.”

Anyone can have life-changing, easy to use and beautiful natural looking eyelashes now with Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelash system. Discover the secrets to a fabulous you. Youthphoria is created to spread positivity, beauty, happiness and confidence through beauty!