Natural, Short and Realistic Magnetic Eyelashes. Do magnetic eyelashes look natural?

I just want a NATURAL LASH LOOK! Why would I want to wear magnetic eyelashes? Do magnetic lashes look natural?

Youthphoria - Best realistic magnetic eyelashes


Well, hold your horses! 

Most of the time and especially for work, we go for a no makeup-makeup look, but is that even possible when I want to wear magnetic false eyelashes? 

Even in the era of innovative beauty products, a lot of women would still prefer the most natural looking look they could go for. New innovations aren't always associated with big, long and bold beauty looks. We love them too...but this doesn’t have to be the only choice when it comes to false magnetic eyelash extensions!

Youthphoria have expertly crafted the most NATURAL and REALISTIC looking magnetic lashes that have come straight out of your lash dreams! While most lash companies supply an array of the  aforementioned big, long and bold lashes we know that there is more to life than just this! That’s why we have the LARGEST range of supernatural and life-like magnetic lashes in Australia and possibly the globe. We have super short lashes, light looking false lashes, modest magnetic lashes and ones that are so hyper-realistic you wouldn't even be able to tell them apart from real lashes. 

What makes Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes so realistic, natural and true-to-life is the highly tapered, cylindrical shape and fine lash fibre ends. You will find cheaper quality magnetic lashes will feel heavier, look clunkier, have blunt tips and use coarse eyelash lash extension fibres that look flat. 

Youthphoria also uses the high quality PBT  from South-Korean for its lash fibres, regarded as the world’s best producers of high quality eyelash extension raw materials. This high quality PBT will hold its curl and is much more flexible meaning that the lash fibres on the magnetic lashes will move like real lashes. 

To elevate your natural eyelash appearance further Youthphoria have a newly released brown magnetic lash fibre range for fair complexions, brunettes and copper hair tones. . 

We also know minimalism is a trend right now, and trust me, these natural lashes will forever spark joy! We are a fan of simplicity and subtlety so you’d guess how many items we have on our make up bag? 

Sunscreen, foundation, concealer (on days my kids are extra sleepless) or on days that I am feeling extra, a blush, a lipstick and the Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes and I am all set to conquer the world! These lashes are soooo natural and comfortable you won’t  even notice you’re wearing them! 

Not to mention Youthphoria Lashes are a perfect lash replacement for women who suffer from medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania or post-chemotherapy that cause loss of hair, natural lashes and eyebrows. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring women confidence back through make-up and an extra pop of life with a pair of #youthphorialashes? But our story doesn't just end with distributing eyelashes. Youthphoria supports the Look Good, Feel Better charity who teach cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related effects of cancer treatment. So when you support a small Aussie business like us, you also extend a hand to the people and patients behind this charity. 

So what natural and life-like magnetic lashes are we talking about? Look through these natural lashes that are perfect for an everyday look! 

So on days when you feel like bringing out your natural beauty…. Or on days like (let’s be honest) you’re to lazy to put on anything else on your face, these are your go to for the most natural looking and ‘made-up’ effect for any event!