Reusable Magnetic Lash Compacts

Reusable magnetic lash compact | Youthphoria Australia

The latest, hottest trends in eyelashes: Sustainable and reusable magnetic lashes!

2022 has geared towards sustainability of cosmetics. Vegan makeup and animal cruelty free products.

Did you know that Youthporia has always stuck to eco-friendly products and sustainability, so that we ensure that our products can still be recycled after use?

Wanting to make a difference in the world but can't find the time to do it? Youthphoria has created lashes that are reusable and are perfect for busy people who still want to have a positive impact on the planet.

We all know that billions and billions of trash gets thrown to the ocean on a regular basis. Thus has affected all the living creatures, like animals, and sea plants. And don’t we all want to contribute to giving earth the healing it needs through producing products that can be recycled?

There are tons and tons of ways to recycle each product. There may be a lot of people who are not aware of and contributing to the earth’s cleanliness, but it is always nice to start with yourself!

Live better, not just lather - That's the truth. We are so proud to let you all know that as we work towards sustainability, we’d like to share how you can recycle our Youthphoria magnetic lashes compacts.

Are magnetic eyelashes reusable? Our magnetic lashes are reusable, so you can make your investment last. Made from cotton and durable synthetic fibers the magnetic lashes are comfortable to wear and easy to apply, no tools needed. Best of all they can be re-used time and time again.

Our foaming makeup remover uses ecocert and NPA certified ingredients that are readily biodegradable and naturally derived.

Here are some tips on how you can reuse the Youthphoria magnetic lash compact:

  • As a hair tie and hair clip container. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have all of your hair accessories in one place and have a compact with a mirror in time of your need to fix your hair? That’s magic!
  • How about a jewelry case carrying all your accessories to get ready in one go? On a quick trip to the shopping centre, and come across your ex? Pick up your Youthphoria compact and pop on your bling!
  • How about a case for your pressed powder? Isn’t it amazing to purchase a refill incase your lash compact got broken and save Mother Earth by purchasing just a refill?

A small contribution towards a better community is a huge step already! Make sure you do your part too.

Our new line of magnetic eyelashes will make you and mother earth happy!