Short Magnetic Lashes

Short Magnetic Eyelashes | Youthphoria Australia

Magnetic lashes don't have to always mean glamorous, extravagant, bold, extra and volume!

Magnetic eyelashes can also be elegant, subtle, short, and modest!

We are always led to believe that full glam is the best way to present yourself. We get that this works for a lot of women but there are women who like to keep it simple and elegant. And let’s not forget, not all events in our lives requires us to be *extra* everyday. There is beauty in an understated and natural look, which is my daily go-to!

Here at Youthphoria, we believe in individuality. We spend extra time and care to make sure that all of our magnetic lashes cater to different kinds of events, eye shape, tastes and people’s choices in general.

That’s why we’d like to feature our short magnetic lashes. Alot of lash brands don’t stock short false lashes. Let’s talk about short eyelashes that don’t get the credit that they should, as the big and bold kind of lashes tend to get all the notoriety!

Short magnetic lashes are the most universal lashes we could ever recommend to anyone who wants to give magnetic eyelashes a shot! Short lashes are not too overwhelming; they are made to be noticeable without going overboard. It’s like “your lashes, but better’ like a breath of fresh air after a long day inside your 9-5 office where you wish would finish at exactly 5pm without any further meetings tor overtime”

Short lashes are perfect for your everyday life whether you want a subtle look without the extra hassle of mascara touch ups or you want to go for a soft, natural and subtle lash appearance.

When you want to stand out without looking too gaudy, it's all about the eyes, and particularly your lashes. Most women who wear lashes, will eventually forego eyeshadow for their daytime look as false lashes create a darker lash line which opens up and can transform your eye shape. False and short magnetic eyelashes can give you that truly effortless and natural look without having to do a full face of glam to look “done”.

Ultimately, that's what short false eyelashes do best - letting their lush, beautiful fibres gently brush against your cheeks like real eyelashes. Soft, lightweight and flexible, these light lash beauties won't weigh you down; they'll give you a perfect lift on your lash line. We love them for their ability to subtly enhance the eyes without overpowering them. They're perfect for a simple look, an evening affair or an evening out on the town!

Our short lashes are perfect for those who want to flutter your eyelashes without the drama of heavy and super long lashes! Best of all, no need for mascara when you use our short magnetic eyelashes.

A question we do get asked alot is are these short magnetic lashes suitable for use in chemotherapy, alopecia and lash loss? They sure are! You can read our blog here about Witney who used our Ariel magnetic lashes when she was going through Chemo. We have super natural looking magnetic lashes that are a perfect replacement for natural lashes that have been lost due to illness or even damage from salon eyelash extensions. You do not need to have any natural lashes to use Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes.

Youthphoria has a wide selection of short lashes that includes, Serena, Lucinda (which both have a brown colour version, so you know how it goes if you’re in for a more natural look. (*wink*) We also have Merida, Elsa, and our invisible magnetic lashes Stellar and Sirius to give you the best simple yet perfect look? You know what they say! Less is always more!
Our short and natural magnetic eyelashes will allow you to fall in love with yourself again and again. They're short enough to be subtle but effective enough to drastically change your appearance. Wear them while running errands, on an evening out with friends, or even at the office when you want a glamorous touch.

Did I forget to mention how natural and realistic short lashes could be? Yes! 2022 is all about natural looking yet beautiful makeup looks. We have one of the best reviews for magnetic lashes in Australia for a reason :)

Imagine just putting in a good lashes and a lipstick to be all done? I don’t know about you but that sounds like a superpower like being able to fly to us!