Best Magnetic Lashes For Summer

Best Magnetic Lashes for the beach | Youthphoria Australia


Summer is here and who said you can’t have your Youthphoria magnetic lashes on whilst enjoying the beach?

A common misconception about magnetic lashes is that they can’t be worn around the beach or around water, including whilst showering but the thing is - since Youthphoria magnetic lashes are water-proof, it means that they can be worn around water. Magnetic eyelashes will remain attached even with water play. 

Did you know that Youthphora’s magnetic lahes are also made to withhold strong winds, humid, and sweat? Hence, why you can rock these lashes at the beach and enjoy the water whilst wearing them on! That being said, we don’t recommend swimming with them on but splashes of water are totally fine! 

Magnetic eyelash extensions are so comfortable and make for perfect natural lash looks on a beach trip.

Here are some tips to make sure that the magnetic false lashes are perfectly placed on your eyelids. 

1/ Apply the eyeliner firmly with a long stroke and thinly along the natural lash line above the lash line. 

2/  Ensure that the liner is applied with 3 coats whilst allowing the liner to dry in between coats for 15 seconds. When on the last coat of application allow the liner, apply the lashes whilst the liner is still semi wet, almost 70% dry. 

3/ Secure the lashes along the liner starting from the inner corner or outer corner of the eye 

4/ Firmly press the lashes into the corner first and when the first two magnets are secure, place the rest of the lash band down along the liner. Then PRESS down FIRMLY along the base of the lashes to ensure a super secure connection.

The best combination or the best magnetic eyeliner to use for a long day of wear that includes being in the water is by using the hybrid magnetic eyeliner pen as it is the perfect and best pair to use with the magnetic lashes since water do not affect the magnetic components of lashes & liners. 

In general, the secret to long lasting lashes boils down with the correct and proper application. 

Once the magnetic eyelashes are fully secured, it is sure to last sand, wind, sweat, humid and water for happy days at the beach!

We recommend a subtle and natural lash look at the beach, with less volume so as to minimise the lashes catching sand. 

Some great summer lashes to consider are Elsa, Astral, Ariel, Jasmine and Aurora.