Ten Reasons To Switch to Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes

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Ten Reasons To Switch to Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes - The best magnetic lashes in Australia with Five star reviews

Say Goodbye to 1.5 hours of lash appointment 

We all love our lash artists and lash salons, but isn’t it great to get your eyelash extensions done in seconds and in the comfort of your own home?

Imagine having the chance to transform your eyelashes from a natural looking lash into something glamorous and dramatic for an event without having to schedule or book an appointment? 

This amazing magnetic eyelash innovation allows you to enjoy wearing different styles of false eyelashes on your own and exploring various lash lengths, forms, and volume of magnetic lashes without having to wait until you schedule a fill from an eyelash extension salon. 

Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes paired with magnetic eyeliner is the BOMB!

Not a false eyelash application genius? We got you! 

With magnetic lashes it is so much easier to apply your beautiful eyelashes when paired with Youthphoria’s magnetic liner pen. A magnetic liner is solely created to attach false strip lashes to your eyelids. 

Magnetic eyeliner is 100% safe, hypoallergenic, vegan, animal-cruelty free, sweat proof, smudge proof and life-proof! You’ll surely find the magnetic lash application easy peasy and much easier than traditional strip lash application! 

Magnetic lashes can ALSO be paired with an invisible and clear adhesive liner. 

Although these are magnetic lashes - we also understand that some women prefer a more subtle and natural look, which means, skipping on the magnetic liners that are usually black or brown. 

Magnetic eyelashes are 100% compatible with Youthphoria’s invisible and clear polymer adhesive eyeliner or Crystal Clear Eyeliner for a mess-proof, beginner friendly and super-natural eyelash look.

Magnetic lashes are 100% safe for your eyes and for your skin. 

Magnetic eyeliner is safer than any other traditional formula, like latex glue that is commonly used to stick the false eyelashes. 

Magnetic lashes do not  ruin your natural lashes as you just have to attach the magnetic lashes onto the magnetic liner which is drawn on your eyelid. There is no interaction between your natural lashes and the magnetic lashes and therefore no damage to natural lashes. In fact, many people use Youthphphoria’s magnetic lashes to allow their natural lashes to heal and improve if it happens to be damaged from poorly applied salon lash extensions or from a medical condition. 

You no longer have to worry about losing natural eyelashes over time through uses of Youthphoria’s false magnetic eyelashes. 

Magnetic lashes are for EVERYONE! 

Magnetic lashes don't pick an age, a person or an appearance. 

No matter what or who you may be, regardless of your age, magnetic lashes are surely here to make you feel confident, ready to seize the day and to make your eyes pop more. 

We have customers from 7 year old who use magnetic lashes for alopecia or dance competitions to women in their 80s who wan’t a natural and realistic magnetic lash to replace the lack of volume and visibility with their natural lashes. 

Less time to get ready and less steps in your makeup routine! 

Unlike before, where you have to curl your lashes and put on mascara (which can be very messy and hard to remove) to only make a minimal difference: you can now pop on your magnetic lashes by swiping the liner and attach the magnetic lashes and, viola! You’re ready to go! 

Wide selection of magnetic eyelash styles

Are you team natural, team glamorous, team dramatic or are you simply wanting lashes that can be worn with your glasses? Say no more! We’ve got it all for you.

Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes has a versatile selection of lash styles that can go from natural to overly dramatic to a subtle look for glasses. 

Light weight and feather like lash fibres. 

Imagine wearing a magnetic lash that has strong MAGNETS in it without the feeling of heaviness on your eyelids? Yes, Youthphoria has it! You wouldn’t even realise you are wearing false lashes. Youthphoria has invisible magnetic lashes where there are no visible magnets on the lash band for superior comfort. Alternatively, we also have 6 magnet lashes where the magnets are 50% smaller, thinner and lighter than other competitors. This all means superior comfort and longer wearing time for you!

Magnetic eyelashes lasts LONG! Like, really LONG! 

How much do you spend on other eyelash products? What about, eyelash appointments? 

Come to think of it, spending $69 for  magnetic lashes & liner as a kit and being able to wear the lashes for 12-16 hours for 30-60 wears (could be more if you take care of it really well) is a huge saving? Isn’t that a good excuse to get yourself more eyelashes with lots of designs and styles?

Youthphoria magnetic lashes and Youthphoria magnetic eyeliner are both designed to withhold strong wind, tears, water, and are also smudge proof. Youthphoria’s Magnetic lashes won’t let you down until the party ends and when you want them to! 

Lastly, Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes LOOK GREAT! 

All designs are equally made and hand-crafted to look perfect and fabulous! These eyelashes are makeup game changers.You can experiment with different styles at home, trying all the magnetic eyelash looks without the guilt of throwing them out after a couple of wears like glue-on lashes.

These magnetic eyelashes definitely make a perfect selfie moment!