Your ultimate magnetic eyelash guide to our BFCM Sale! 

Black Friday Sale | Guide to black friday sale | Youthphoria magnetic lashes Australia

Now that the Black Friday shopping madness is here, we thought it prudent to offer a list of the best magnet eyelash options. So, get your Christmas wish lists ready!

BFCM is a way to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. A lot of people look forward to this day as huge brands and different stores put all their items on SALE! That sounds pleasing to the ears and stunning to the eyes!Who doesn’t want to save whilst splurging on something you love?

The best way to incorporate eyelashes to your look is to play with different lash styles. Pick up something simple like a natural lash style, which is easier to match with just about anything. Glam or natural magnetic eyelashes work well for the Christmas holidays or perhaps you want a little more drama or something edgy. Play around with the different styles of your lashes for best results.

If you’re new here, or you’ve been shopping with Youthphoria for quite some time. We’d love to walk you through our ultimate guide to the Black Friday sale! 

Why do I need a guide? You might ask, we know that finding the perfect style can be difficult. Finding the right kind of eyelashes can take time, but with this offer it shouldn't be too hard to find the perfect pair. If in doubt, check out our lash finder quiz and get perfectly matched.

Invisible Magnetic Lashes & Magnetic Liner Pens

We’ve had a huge year of new product releases and with the latest and greatest invisible magnetic lashes, these will be a hit no matter which style you choose! Shop the collection here and spoil yourself.

Pair them with the newest Magnetic Eyeliner Pens for speed and ease of application. 

Here are our top 6 BFCM magnetic lashes you should grab for the Christmas Season! 

Featuring our amazing Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes -  Rapunzel, Celestial, Pocahontas, Estelle, Pixie, and Aurora. 

Rapunzel is the perfect balance of natural and glam. This eye-catching magnetic lash fuses the best of length and volume to give an elusive look.

Celestial is a wispy wonder magnet eyelash with body and fullness. This signature faux silk lash elevates your natural everyday look by adding a dash of volume and some wispiness for that whimsical and visible look. Flash those lashes at your Christmas Soiree without feeling like you’ve overdone your lashes.

Pocahontas magnetic eyelash is beautiful and bold, adding intense volume to your eye look. It creates a smoky and sophisticated eye look without too much length.

Estelle is a super-natural magnetic eyelash with multi-dimensional and layered lashes for a light fluttery look.

Pixie is a crowd favourite, this signature faux silk lash enhances your natural beauty creating a delicate and soft, and sultry cat-eye look with a dash of volume.

Aurora is a natural and chic-looking lashes that provide an elegant emphasis on your eye expression by adding a touch of volume and length.

Youtphoria's magnetic lashes are sure to bring out the best in you, glam or natural lashes, Youthphoria has got you covered! 

All these lash styles are a win win for everyone and for all eye shapes! 

We can’t think of a better way to show our love for all things beauty than giving you the perfect lashes in the lead up to the holiday season for our Black Friday sale this year. If you’re looking for an alternative gift idea but would prefer not to break the bank, check out the magnetic lashes we knew you’d want but never had the chance to get it!