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Youthphoria’s magnetic false lashes are expertly hand-made to enhance different eye shapes, to fit and sit comfortably. All of Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelashes can be worn on any type of day and they’re weather-proof. It is best to get your magnetic lashes matched with your eye shape and lifestyle preferences for the best results. Check out our magnetic lash finder quiz here and get the lash of your dreams!

At the end of the day, not all magnetic lashes are perfect for your eyes. There are lash styles that could make small eyes, smaller or round eyes, rounder which could throw out your faces’ proportion and not be your ideal look. 

The right lash that fits you perfectly and comfortably will not only elevate your look but it will also bring out your natural beauty! There’s nothing quite like feeling confident and proud to be in the skin you're in.  

There are everyday lashes that are too dramatic for a coffee run or a trip to the grocery. There may also be magnetic eyelashes that are too natural for a wedding event or on a date night. Ultimately, at Youthphoria we are specialists in creating comfortable magnetic eyelashes that are realistic and comfortable so you can wear them all day and night with no irritation check out our newest invisible magnetic eyelashes. All you have to do is take your pick and find your preferred Youthphoria Beauty magnetic lash look! 

Our complete magnetic eyelash review below will guide you through all of Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes. With this magnetic eyelash guide you’ll be able to find your ideal lash length, volume, shape and features comparing it also to professional salon eyelash extensions! This will make it super easy to transfer from lash extensions to natural and realistic looking magnetic eyelashes that never need to be refilled like regular eyelash extensions! 

Here is a guide to finding your right pair of lashes that complements your eye shape. Whether you use it for a natural day to day look or glamorous look. We got you! 

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