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Crystal Clear Lash Kit - Complete

Crystal Clear Lash Kit - Complete

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Australian safety & quality compliant
  • Pharmacist, chemist and lash artist created

Meet our Crystal Clear Band Eyelashes—your ticket to comfort, security, and natural beauty! Get ready to flaunt a supernatural, flawless look that'll make your pals wonder if you're the boss of some mysterious lash magic. Picture the flexible, thin lash band as your lashes' BFF, giving them a cozy hug around your eye curves for extra security, all while smoothly blending in with your own lashes. It's the ultimate lash party, and you're the VIP!

This complete bundle Includes:
4x Pairs of Clear Band Eyelashes with a Compact Black Mirror Case for each  style: Dream, Fantasy, Humble and Modest
1 x Crystal Clear Adhesive Liner Pen 
1x Makeup Bag
1x Precision Scissors
1x Lash Applicator

Step 1: Preparation

Carefully remove your lashes from the tray by gently gripping the lash band, never pulling on the lash hairs themselves.

Trim lashes from the outer edge to fit if needed. Our Crystal Clear Strip Lashes are pre-cut to fit most eyes.

Allow 2-10mm from the inner corner of your eye for a comfortable fit.

Step 2: Apply your Youthphoria eyeliner

Apply 2-3 coats of Youthphoria's Crystal Clear Adhesive Lash Eyeliner Pen to the upper eyelids

Make sure the eyeliner is at least the thickness of the lash band and consistent along the entire lash line. Let the eyeliner semi-dry for around 15-30 seconds between coats. You want it to be about 80% dry before adding your lashes.

Step 3: Press your lashes onto the eyeliner.

Use Youthphoria's lash applicator for a better grip and for visible placement of the Crystal Clear Band Strip Lashes.

Using your fingers, place the Crystal Clear lashes on top of the liner you applied in step 2. Begin applying the lash as close to the lash line as possible from the inner corner (closest to the nose) to the outer corner of your lash line. Once positioned, firmly press the lashes onto the liner to ensure a secure connection. 

Removing your lashes and eyeliner

Peel off the lashes from your eyelids with your fingers. 

You can remove the eyeliner with Youthphoria’s specially formulated, natural and Australian made foam makeup remover or with waterproof makeup remover. 

Caring for your lashes

If there are remnants of the eyeliner on your eyelashes, you can clean them by gently rubbing them with a cotton bud saturated in Isocol (64% Isopropyl Alcohol - purchase from your local supermarket). 

Do not use makeup remover or micellar water to clean the eyelashes. Don’t apply mascara directly to the magnetic lashes.

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• Expertly designed in Australia, by a 5x qualified master lash artist, cosmetic chemist, pharmacist ,skin therapist and naturopath toAustralian safety and quality standards.

Trusted and used by multiple award-winningl ash artists, celebrities, doctors, medical health professionals and makeup artists.

• Step into a world of limitless glamour with our Crystal Clear Lash Collection! Picture versatile strip lashes expertly woven on an invisible band, seamlessly blending into your lash line for a flawless look, whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a bold statement.

• Designed for ultimate makeup freedom, they can be worn with or without eyeliner, allowing you to unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style.

Handcrafted with premium fibers that mimic the natural allure of real lash hairs, these lashes offer unparalleled comfort and ease of application, catering to lash beginners and glam enthusiasts alike.

• Incredibly realistic and life-like, these Crystal Clear lashes mimic the movement and appearance of real lashes for that natural, soft and fluttery look.

• Our featherlight vegan lashes uses lightweight and premium synthetic PBT fibres on a thin seamless and clear band for a comfortable all-day wear.

• Reusable 30-60 times, whilst retaining its shape and curl.

• Vegan and animal-cruelty free.

We support the charity Look Good, Feel Better and we want this for you!

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natural clear lash bands natural false eyelashes - youthphoria australianatural clear lash bands natural false eyelashes - youthphoria australia

Our crystal-clear lash bands replicate genuine lashes, ideal for an ultra-natural appearance.

Seamlessly blending with your natural lash line, it's the perfect choice for enhancing your natural beauty, especially during periods of lash loss.


Trust our pharmacist-developed adhesive liner for secure, lift-free lash adhesion. Easy to use with an extended dry time, you can lash confidently!

The precision felt-tip eyeliner pen makes it super-easy to draw an invisible layer of adhesive on the lash line with no mess and no fuss.

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Experience and Knowledge

Our founder is a five-times certified expert lash tech who was frustrated by fiddly, fake-looking strip lashes that wouldn't stay on. As a registered pharmacist, skin therapist, cosmetic chemist and a naturopath, our products are expertly made with a difference.
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