Can you sleep with your magnetic eyelashes on?

Can you sleep with your magnetic lashes on | Youthphoria Australia | Blog

Can you sleep with your magnetic lashes on? How long can I leave my magnetic lashes on? 

As tempting as it is to leave your gorgeous Australian designed Youthphoria lashes on 100% of the time we don’t recommend sleeping with your magnetic false lashes as it can damage the magnetic eyelashes and reduce the lashes’ lifespan. You can safely wear Youthphoria’s brand of magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner for 16-24 hours. But once you ‘hit the hay’ don’t forget to remove the false magnetic eyelashes.

But what if I’ve had a long day and I’ve accidentally taken a nap? 

You’ll be fine, really. The lashes would likely be in decent condition but it also depends on how you sleep, of course! If your face and magnetic eyelashes are pressed flat onto a pillow or if there is a lot of rubbing to the eyes, we can definitely expect a worst case scenario with the lash fibres potentially being damaged. But, again it depends on how rough you are in your sleep. If you want the best longevity for your magnetic eyelashes, it's best to take good care of them by removing them and cleaning them after each use.

Just like how you take your makeup off at the end of day, we’d prefer that you take the lashes off too. That’s why we’ve created a very chic compact case to place your lashes comfortably and neatly so it won’t get damaged or deformed. We don’t recommend falling asleep with the lashes because it’s unhygienic and it can cause skin irritating bacteria to sit and accumulate on your face for the whole night! Who wants that? 

Can you shower with magnetic lashes on?

The short answer is no! You shouldn’t wear your magnetic lashes into the shower. It will likely hold up in the shower and stay attached; however the heat will relax the curl on the magnetic lashes and may damage the integrity of the lash bands. 

Here are some helpful tips on how you can safely and carefully remove your Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes: 

  • Gently peel the lashes off with your fingertips, starting from the outer corner. 
  • You can use your regular gel-based face wash on your eyelids when you’re washing your face. Lather and massage the product to the eyelids with your fingertips gently and thoroughly for about 30-60 seconds and it should come off gradually. You can also use a clean makeup brush to massage this off. Any additional residue should come off like a film. You may need to stretch the skin slightly when cleaning to ensure the removal product has maximum contact with the skin.  
  • Alternatively, make-up wipes, makeup remover, olive oil, coconut butter or micellar water (oil versions) soaked on a cotton pad applied to the liner and pressed down for about 30 seconds before wiping. 

We also have a natural and Australian made micellar foam specifically for removing our liners, check out Youthphoria’s Micellar Foam MakeUp Remover. It’s gentle, suited to sensitive skin and easily removes the eyeliner 

We all want the best out of our magnetic eyelashes and any product we purchase, so let’s make sure we carefully give these lashes extra love and care. You can check our blog about Lash Care.