Common Magnetic Lash Mistakes

Common magnetic lashes mistakes | Magnetic Eyelash Care | Youthphoria Australia

In any type of products, whether it's a signature bag, shoes, wallet or gadgets. Longevity and maintaining its quality boils down on how you take good care of your items. It is always best to know how give each item the right care and mistakes to avoid to ensure you enjoy whatever items you buy.

In this blog, we will talk about the common magnetic lash mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Cleaning The Lashes after each use 

  • Why do you need to clean the magnetic false lashes after each use? Apart from hygiene reasons, it is always best to clean the magnetic eyelashes after using them to make sure there isn’t any magnetic eyeliner residue left on the lash bands. Any liner residue that is left uncleaned can build up and damage the lash bands. Furthermore, the magnetic liner build up can create a barrier preventing the magnetic lash band from attaching to the liner on the eyelids. 
  • We always recommend using Isocol to clean the magnetic lashes. We have a blog about how to give your magnetic lashes the proper maintenance and TLC (Tender Loving Care). 

Pulling the lashes out of the case too hard, strong or without proper care, especially when not cleaned well. 

  • A lot of times we think that the magnetic eyelash band can withhold a lot of wear and tear and it’s true! Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes are sturdy but they are also delicately hand-made to be lightweight as if nothing is on your eyelids. Therefore, it requires gentleness when being removed from the case. 
  • Not only can the lash band tear if it's ripped out of the case with force but the lash fibres may also come away, if you’re not careful with them. Youthphoria’s magnetic eyelashes are made to be worn multiple times and we always need to make sure to provide extra care to prolong the life of the magnetic lashes which means you get to wear the magnetic lashes more and save more!

Too much moisture or using unapproved cleaning products to the clean the magnetic eyelashes

  • Soaking the magnetic lashes in water, hot water, makeup remover, or any type of unapproved cleaning solution is absolute NO NO! 
  • Warm or hot water isn’t the answer to remove any liner residue - the heat will make the lash lose its curl and it’s not sufficient to remove the liner from the magnets and lash bands.
  • Make removers typically contain solvents that are designed to dissolve cosmetics and thus if it’s used on magnetic lashes, the residue can break down the lash bands over time. 

In general, all the tangible and intangible things we have in life require care and maintenance, especially if you want your magnetic lashes to last 30-60 times or longer. We have customers who use our magnetic lashes over 90 times when they follow all our care instructions and are thorough in their approach. 

It is Youthphoria’s mission to provide quality and the best magnetic lashes! We also hope that you love the magnetic lashes and give your Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes the correct and tender loving care.