Invisible Magnetic Lashes


New Lash Innovation | Australia Youthphoria Invisible Magnetic Lashes

Youthphoria recently released the newest magnet lash innovation in Australia which is the invisible magnetic lashes. I mean, not to brag but, we are one of the first companies to ever launch this one-of-a-kind magnet lashes and our customers have been lapping it up! 

Let’s talk about the invisible magnetic lashes - let’s start with why?

We asked our CEO, Youthphoria Beauty founder, Shirley, how she came up with the idea of Invisible magnetic eyelashes.

“I created the invisible magnetic lashes to provide false eyelash aficionados with something that is lighter, realistic, securer and most importantly it had to be the most comfortable lashes ever! We love to innovate at Youthphoria and the invisible magnetic lashes are amazing because they can be cut anywhere along the last band without you having to worry about “losing magnets and therefore the magnetic power of the lash”. 

“The beauty of the invisible magnetic lashes is that they sit flush and seamlessly on the eyelids with its soft and flexible magnet band contouring to the eyelids for full contact along the entire lash band. Because there are no visible magnets, these lashes are extremely light with a naked feel meaning you can comfortably wear them all day long. I believe, invisible magnetic lashes are the next generation and future of magnetic lashes”

Let’s go through the features and pros and cons of invisible magnetic lashes! *Wait, does it have any cons? NOPE! These are truly the best in class and on the market! 

  • The invisible magnetic lashes feature ultra-realistic lash faux mink fibres 
  • Flexible and thin fully magnetic lash band that you can bend all you want whilst still holding its shape. 
  • Cleverly designed with magnets embedded and concealed within the lash band. Suspended from a thin invisible lash band, these lashes give you extra lash security and conform to the contours of your eye. The novelty lash band and magnets ensure an effortless application providing you with a quick and simple solution for busy women who demand time saving beauty products.
  • Easy as 1-2-Click, our Invisible Magnetic Lashes deliver the "Youthphoria trusted lash effect” with no drama, no fuss, and no mess! 
  • These lashes conform to the contours of your eye for a full and flush attachment giving you extra lash security.
  • Each lash in our invisible magnetic lash collection features a full magnetic lash band for maximum customisation and extreme weightlessness guaranteeing all-day comfort and 24-hour hold
  • Just like the lashes from our previous collections, our Invisible magnetic lashes continue to be 100% Vegan, faux mink synthetic material used, absolutely animal cruelty-free! Who would want to purchase from someone who harms animals right? 
  • Reusable from 30 - 60 wears! Longer if you take good care of your lashes! Get rid of those single used false eyelashes with harsh glue chemicals and switch to Youthphoria’s reusable lashes with the safest lash and liner ingredients! 
  • Hate the heavy feeling in your eyelids? We got you! These invisible magnetic lashes guarantee 100% comfort, lightweight effect and feel, and an absolutely effortless look! Achieve that effortless and weightless look with absolute comfort with the new Invisible Magnetic lashes.

Light as feather, these lashes are comfortable and secure. Fashionable as can be, each set of invisible magnetic lashes is designed with flexible and thin lash band that invisibly conforms to your eye for a full and flush attachment. Effortless beauty and effortless glamour.

Nothing is more beautiful or sexy than natural lashes. We took thin invisible magnetic lashes to a whole new level. With no visible magnets on a thin lash band, these lashes conform to the contours of your eye for a full and flush attachment giving you extra lash security. This lash collection is made up of 5 magnetic styles!