Magnetic Eyeliner VS Crystal Clear Eyeliner

Which Eyeliner is Better? Magnetic Eyeliner VS Crystal Clear Eyeliner


What is the difference? 

We have loads of customers who are asking this question. 

So, let’s talk about clear invisible magnetic eyeliners for magnetic eyelashes! Let’s go to the crux of it so you can as you start your Youthphoria Lash journey with the right lash liner to go with your gorgeous Youthphoria false eyelashes.  

Let’s start with the Clear eyeliner - Crystal Clear Adhesive Liner. 

The Crystal Clear Adhesive Eyeliner is formulated specifically to be 100% compatible with Youthphoria magnetic eyelashes working via a film-forming polymer to attach the lashes to your eyelids. 

There aren't any magnetic components in the Crystal Clear Eyeliner which is why it’s a clear adhesive formulation that works to adhere magnetic lashes or false lashes without damaging them. It is comparable to the lash glue that you can find in drugstores, however, the Crystal Clear Eyeliner is made specifically for the Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes and will not damage the magnetic lashes like strip lash glue would. 

Why would you buy the Clear Eyeliner?

Well, here are some benefits of the Crystal  Clear Adhesive Eyeliner. 

  • It is best for beginners, given that it is a clear adhesive, it is mess-free and definitely easier to remove and play around with. Any wonky lines cant be seen!
  • You’d get to practice without the need to draw a bold black liner to your eyelids. 
  • Eyeing a more natural look? Simply swipe on the clear liner and as soon as it dries out and it will be crystal clear for the most natural look without a harsh eyeliner look. 
  • Finally, the Youthphoria Crystal Clear Eyeliner is the safest way you can go for a wonderful Magnetic Lash journey. If you have any known allergies, clear eyeliner is your best way to look fab with Youthphoria Magnetic Lashes. 
  • To top it all off, Crystal Clear Adhesive Eyeliner is the best option for that subtle effect. Pop on your most natural Youthphoria Lashes with the Clear Eyeliner, nobody would even notice you’re wearing anything on your eyelids. 

To know more about the Crystal Clear Liner, you can check out this blog where we give more in-depth information about the Clear Eyeliner.

The Hybrid Black and Brown Magnetic Liner on the other hand has its own wonders as well. 

The Youthphoria Crystal Clear Adhesive Eyeliner works just as well as the regular black and brown magnetic liquid liner, the main difference is, the magnetic liner contains Iron Oxide. This, therefore, makes the lashes magnetically attach the magnetic lashes

What is Iron Oxide? 

Iron oxide is a commonly occurring and cosmetic-safe ingredient that exists in foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. In magnetic eyeliner, there is a higher concentration of iron oxide to make it magnetic. 

What makes Youthphoria Hybrid Magnetic Lash Liner the best? 

  • They magnetize effectively to Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes perfectly in seconds with a stronghold. 
  • Superb longevity! Party all day and all night, these lashes will stay put!
  • No harsh and harmful chemicals.100% vegan and animal cruelty-free! 
  • You will have the freedom to adjust, realign the lashes or maybe retouch and extend the liner into a winged eyeliner and still get hold of your magnetic eyelashes perfectly.
  • Waterproof, Smudge-proof, and Windproof
  • We have both brown and black variations of our magnetic eyeliner. The only brand in Australia stocking both!  

Get to know more about the Hybrid Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner blog for further information. 

All of our eyeliners, both the Crystal Clear Adhesive Eyeliner and our Hybrid Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners are safe and Australian (AICIS) compliant, safe and chemist approved ingredients. Our founder is an accomplished Australian pharmacist, cosmetic chemist, and 5x-qualified lash artist with over 15 years of experience. When it comes to beauty, cosmetics, and lashes, it is her jam!