Myths About Magnetic Lashes

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We still get a lot of questions about how exactly magnetic eyeliners works. We see eyebrows raised because some think it’s too good to be true, that magnetic lashes are unnecessary and some think it causes damage to the eyes. So, we are here to talk about the magnetic eyelash myths and answer everybody’s questions, because really, what’s not to love about Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes? 

Magnetic lashes cause damage to the natural lashes.

MYTH! Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes are applied to your eyelids where the magnetic eyeliner is present and not to your eyelashes, therefore, it won’t cause any harm or damage to your eyelashes. Unlike salon eyelash extensions and clip-on magnetic lashes, Youthphoria’s lashes do not interact with the natural lashes and will dot cause any damage. Phew!

We know that the word magnetic sounds really intimidating, but if you take a look at how it works, the science of it and how long the ingredients have been safely used in the cosmetic industry, you’ll realise how Youthphoria Magnetic lashes are safe. 

Iron oxide is the active ingredient that allows the magnetic eyelashes to be attracted to the magnetic eyeliner. Iron oxide is commonly found in products such as lipstick, foundation eyeliner, mascara as well as being used in the cosmetic tattoo industry too. If you look carefully at your ingredient list on your lipstick and makeup at home, you’ll start to realise you’ve already been using this for many years. 

In magnetic eyeliners, there is a higher concentration of iron oxide which allows the magnetic false lashes to attach securely. 

Furthermore, Youthphoria’s magnetic eyeliners are hypoallergenic and one of the cleanest ingredients there is in the market. 

Read more about magnetic eyelash and magnetic eyeliner safety for an in depth information. 

Magnetic eyelashes need mascara to work.

MYTH! We do not recommend mascaras to be used with the magnetic eyelashes, as Youthphoria magnetic lashes have their own curl and do not need any mascara to show its curl and volume. If you find you’re needing mascara, this means you’re better off going with a lash with more volume. 

Mascara applied to Youthphoria’s magnetic lashes can cause clumpiness and damage them. 

You can use mascara to your natural lashes as it helps to blend your natural lashes into the magnetic lashes seamlessly. 

Magnetic eyelashes look fake.

MYTH! Youthphoria has a wide array of natural and realistic looking lashes. This is what we’re famous for. Each magnetic lashes is hand made and made to perfection. 

Youthphoria magnetic lashes specialises in realistic looking with fine and tapered lash fibre ends and we have lots of modest and short styles for those who are looking for a supernatural lash extension look. We do have a lot of styles that are suitable as lash replacements particularly for those with alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy or have trichotillomania. 

Some brands only sell super long, megavolume and thick fibres and shiny looking false lashes. This is what makes lashes look artificial. 

We also have a lovely customer, Witney, who shared her journey in Facing Cancer with Confidence with

You can see more of our Natural Lash Collection and get to know what's the best lash for your needs!

Magnetic eyelashes cannot be reused 

MYTH! You can absolutely re-use the magnetic lashes from 30-60 wears. This is one of the advantages of magnetic lashes. You can change lash styles without having to schedule a trip to the salon to get expensive eyelash extensions which need to be refilled every two to three weeks and cost an arm and a leg. 

You can take the false magnetic lashes off as soon as you’re ready to rest or when the party's over. 

Most importantly, you’d save more with the magnetic lashes and you can change your lash look regularly and multiple times a day if you feel like it. 

Magnetic eyelashes do not need to be cleaned

MYTH! Hygiene is one of our major concerns with magnetic lashes as it sits very close to the eyes. We always see to it that all of the customers are advised about proper cleaning of the lashes and maintenance. Keep in mind that magnetic lashes are considered cosmetics and you would always have to clean the lashes after each use to remove dirt build up and any product or make up residue. 

Read more about taking care of your lashes to ensure proper hygiene and to prolong the lashes life! 

Magnetic eyelashes are hard to apply

MYTH! Magnetic lashes are very easy to apply! If you've ever tried false strip eyelashes, then magnetic lashes will blow you away. It’s the same look achieved with the magnetic lashes but one thousand times faster, securer and easier. All you have to do is apply the magnetic eyeliner, allow the lashes to automatically magnetise on you’re done! Simple! No more gloopy latex strip lash glue that never really stays on properly. The magnetic lash system is 100% sweat, water and smudge proof! 

Lastly, magnetic lashes are made to enhance your overall aesthetic and boost confidence. The outcome will always depend on each individual’s perspective.

Worry no more because Youthphoria magnetic lashes is here to guide and help you every step of the way!